Weekend Reading: Big ass storm edition

So, it rained in Oakland, actually kind of a lot, which is supposedly notable. As I have biked through more rain countless times in the five years that I lived in Portland, I can’t help but wonder if the occurrence of weather was used to distract people from the organization around the murders the police have committed recently and historically, the reports of CIA torture, and the cops in civilian clothes pulling guns on protesters. Am I becoming a conspiracy theorist? WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME?!

Anyway. Moving on.

I am feeling good lately. Creative and organized and motivated and strong and well-rested. The conflation of all these good feelings doesn’t always happen at the same time, so I am definitely reflecting on the good fortune and chilling with gratitude. 2014 has been the best year of my entire life. Super Strength Health has been the best gift I could ever give myself. As emails come in with questions, requests, and general thanks, I feel so ridiculously lucky I can barely believe it. This is my dream job, even when it’s unpredictable. I am so grateful for the work, and most of all, I am grateful for my readers. Thank you all so much. You are making my life significantly better. I hope my content offers even just a fraction of the life enrichment that I have received. Crying a single tear now.

Okay, I’ll stop.

I read a lot of things that I loved this week, and I am SUPER excited to share them with you. I hope you enjoy!

1. Combatting Holiday Weight Shame by Ragen Chastain


Hey, did you know that some asshole wrote an article called “Tell Loved Ones They are Overweight This Christmas”? And that it makes the rounds of internet share-i-tude like, over and over and over again?


That’s a thing.

Hateful garbage like the aforementioned article exists, but luckily whip-smart people like Ragen Chastain ALSO exist. In this article Ragen gives us practical tips to deal if a relative or “friend” attempts to take you down a notch in terms of your body confidence. While I certainly hope none of my readers will have to deal with that kind of terror, I think it’s a good idea to share, just in case.

2. On Eric Garner, Obesity, and “deserving” to die by Kaye


If you can believe it, some folks are pointing to Eric Garner’s weight as the “reason” for his death.

Let’s take a moment to breathe that in. To understand that a man was put into an illegal chokehold for a negligable offense, SCREAMED that he could not breathe ELEVEN times, died, and some people will essentially say “he killed himself! A person at a “healthy weight” would have survived!”

Take that in, read this article, and get really fucking angry.

Then spring to action.

3. The Stereotype-Driven Business of Selling Nutrition Bars to Women by Stephie Grob Plante 


The ThinkThin bar. The Luna Bar. The “Eat Like A Woman” bar. (Yes that exists, and yes- EW.)

There is a certain type of marketing that goes along with these nutrition bars, and a lot of it is seriously offensive. This article examines the advertising with a critical lens, dissecting the language and pointing out the misogyny. I like it.

4. The Grief Wreathe by Cynthia Ann Schemmer


In this article Cynthia talks about dealing with the holidays in the absence of her mother. It’s beautiful, and I love it, and I can relate in so many ways. The joy of celebration can feel really gut wrenching, and Cynthia offers super practical advice for self-soothing.

Thank you, Cynthia. Your words are a gift.

and lastly,

5. Vegan Gluten-Free Vegetable Pot Pie by Vicky

Individual Pot Pie

This is on my Holiday menu! What’s on yours?

See you next week!