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I made a workout mix for you and an exercise routine to go with it. (It’s called “work it, gurl” but “gurl” is very non-gender specific because DUH, all kinds of people can sweat it out to this mix.) I am VERY excited to present it, as this is the first workout I’ve made, and I want to do a lot more of this sort of thing.


Below you will find the workout moves, a PDF of the movements in large text (so you can print it out and see what you’re doing as you go) and some video links of how to do the movements so you’re doing them with proper form. Please make sure to properly warm up and cool down, because you gotta treat your muscles like gold if you want them to continue to support you.

For reference: AMRAP is a crossfit term, it means as many rounds as possible. I use poker chips or pennies to count my rounds, as when I am sweating my face off I tend to be forgetful. I recommend doing this workout once a week and trying to beat your previous times!

Lastly, use headphones if you can. There is a sprint run midway, and it won’t really work if you can’t time it with the music.


Pre mixtape- Take a run around your block, at a very easy pace. Take deep breaths, feel rad in your body. You deserve this.

Austra- Darken Her Horse: 30 second run in place, 15 jumping jacks, 10 slow air squats. STRETCH however feels good for the duration of the song. Maybe try  downward dog, warrior one, two, and three on each side. (Jumping Jacks, Air squats)

Bikini Kill- Demi Rep:  Rest during the children’s rhyme of the warm up. Then AMRAP-20 mountain climbers- 20 butt kickers- 20 high knees-20 mummy kicks (Mountain climbersButt kickersHigh kneesMummy Kicks)

Hole- Violet: AMRAP 20 power jacks, 20 Russian twists (unweighted, or with dumbbells) (Power jacksRussian twists)

Heart- Crazy On You: AMRAP 20 hollow body rocks, 20 lateral jumps (side to side jumps with feet together. Use something to jump over, like a can), 20 tricep dips (Hollow body rocksLateral jumps,  Tricep dips)

Beyonce- Countdown : Mid point jog. Go slow if you need to, sprint if you can.

Crabapple-  All the things: Plank hold as much as possible through the duration of the song. Don’t drop if you can! If you do drop rest for a breath and get back up. Also keep your butt low! (Plank)

Le Tigre- Keep on Livin’: AMRAP 10 walking lunges, 10 jump squats, 10 burpees (Walking lunges, Jump squats, Burpees)

Cyndi Lauper- Time After Time: AMRAP 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 bicycle crunches (Push upsSit upsBicycle crunches)