Sunday Reading: cookbook edition

Hey guys!

I have an exciting announcement.

A few weeks ago, I teamed up with the very wonderful Melissa to produce an e-cookbook based on the awesomeness of anti-inflammatory foods. After a bunch of late-night brainstorming sessions and a good long back-and-forth volley of ideas, this week we finally got to the kitchen,  working from morning ’til night to test, restest, plate, and photograph each one of our recipes. By September 15th, you will be able to hold our book in your hands. (provided you have a computer, phone, or tablet of course), and I couldn’t be more excited about the prospect.

Needless to say, it has been an incredible week, full of kitchen creativity and a healthy dose of working my ass off. I didn’t have much time to exercise (a challenge for me), and I ate our incredible food literally all day, every day to make sure it was absolutely perfect for YOU. (Hey, look at that! Another challenge.) Once again, I am left basking in gratitude for my recovery, as I know, without a fucking doubt, that if I were still stuck in the restrict-my-food-hate-my-body cycle of yesteryear, I would never EVER be able to make this thing a reality.

Ah, how satisfying.

On that note! Here are this week’s links:

1. The Best Coffee in Every State by Melissa Stanger 


Spoiler alert: when you’re self employed, “going to the office” means going to the coffee shop. Consequently, I loved this list, and now want to go on a national tour of caffeine consumption. Who’s in?!

2. 23 Female Cartoonist on Drawing their Bodies by Kristen Radtke


I am usually not all about Buzzfeed lists, but this one was so catered to my interests that it was impossible to ignore. In addition to highlighting some of my favorites (Liz Prince! Nicole Georges!) it also introduced to a whole host of awesome new cartoonists. A++++.

3. How to Spot Fake Product Reviews by Kat Whitfeild at Making Sense of Modern Fitness


I love Making Sense of Modern Fitness, because it is my go-to site for real-talk about the bullshit that goes on in the fitness industry. This article is a great little cheat sheet for figuring out what is review vs. what is advertisement, with a few links to sites that can be reliable sources of information. Kat encourages a degree of research and criticality that I think can be really helpful when making decisions about fitness!

4. How to Deal with Anxiety by Kaitlin Menza for Teen Vogue 


Wow, I sure wish teen magazines had such useful information when I was reading them! This is great advice for people of any age.

5. Gender, Embodiment, and Weight Lifting by Josey Ross


Josey Ross is my favorite. This whip-smart lady pretty much can’t go wrong in my opinion (which is why I had her guest post not once, but TWICE, for Super Strength Health). This article discusses embodiment and how/why those socialized as male tend to possess more of that than those socialized as female. She goes on to explain how….you guessed it….weight lifting (<3) helped her to become more personally embodied. Holy shit, that’s relatable.

See you Next week!