Lately, my life has been moving very quickly. Between seeing clients, making meal plans, recipe testing, writing, keeping myself healthy with awesome food and exercise and blogging, I feel like days are gone in the blink of an eye. I’m definitely not complaining- things are actually straight up amazing- but I am making an effort to slow myself down. Inspired by the weekly love lists on Bonzai Aphrodite, I have started bringing my camera out a bit more, stopping a little more often to try to smell the proverbial (and literal) roses around me.

Like Ferris Bueller says: “life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”

Super Strength Health- Lately  6Banana peeling, halving, and freezing is an integral part of my daily life. Smoothies every morning make me feel my absolute best.

Super Strength Health- Lately 13I have been vegan for most of the past sixteen years, but it wasn’t until I listened to Rich Roll podcast #93 with Sharon Palmer, RD that I actually decided that maybe it was time to get a B-12 supplement. Feel free to message me if you wonder why  I think it is important.

Super Strength Health- Lately 7I baked a cake, it tasted like heaven and included vegetables.

Super Strength Health- Lately 9Super Strength Health- Lately 10Super Strength Health- Lately 12Arguably the best tube-shaped food. (I know some will vote for the all mighty burrito, but I know what I love and it’s DOSA!)

Super Strength Health- Lately 4Super Strength Health- Lately  5Super Strength Health- Lately 11Date night at the Paramount.

Super Strength Health- Lately 3My first batch of sprouted almond protein butter. Off the hook.

Super Strength Health- Lately 1Prepping for that post workout life, courtesy of Vega Sport in chocolate.  Peanut butter, because duh.

Super Strength Health- Lately 2I go out to a very beautiful and green but quite low protein brunch every Sunday. My Vega keeps my macros on point.

Super Strength Health Lately- 15Super Strength Health- Lately 19Farmer’s market smoothie and relaxation on a Saturday. We always get the You’ve got Kale and it is AWESOME.

Super Strength Health- Lately 17Meal plan recipe testing! Plantain flap jacks, roasted red pepper soup, roasted garlic and coconut quinoa, kale salad with toasted almonds and shaved cashew parmesan, creamy olive oil mashed cauliflower, and miso glazed eggplant.Super Strength Health- Lately 16Until next time!