One free month of health and wellness coaching


The day before Thanksgiving my friends and I went to the Columbia Gorge and we hiked Hamilton Mountain. The hike was ridiculously hard for me (two thousand feet of elevation gain in 3.2 miles!) and the view at the top was gorgeous. It was deeply challenging and satisfying all at the same time.

There is nothing like eating with people that you love on top of a mountain. I was laughing and I was making stupid jokes, but at least for the second I snapped this picture, I was quiet.

I will never forget how much anxiety Thanksgiving used to give me. Not just because people will put up racist “Indian” decorations and talk about how wonderful it was that native american folks “shared” this land with us (that still happens, and I am forever anxious about it) but because of the focus on food. Thanksgiving made me feel like I wanted to die, simply because of the emphasis on eating, on switching up routine, at least for a day, and having a more relaxed reality. Thanksgiving encourages actually being grateful to over indulge just a little and to relish in lazing around.

Nothing used to make me feel worse than food and rest.

Food and rest made me hate myself.

Thanksgivings of the past have been totally alone. Perhaps I was physically with friends or physically with family but in my brain I was the only person on earth.

I was counting calories.

I was making deals with myself about what I could and could not eat.

I was filling up on dry salad until I was sick.

I was hating my body, imagining hacking parts of it right off of me.

I was screaming at my mother when I caught her sneaking olive oil into my vegetable soup.

I will never be able to have a wonderful Thanksgiving (which I did this year!) without giving pause to honor how far I’ve come and where I’ve been. Yeah, I overate this year. Yeah, it was kind of uncomfortable and annoying. But you know what? Then I moved on. Because my most of the time food choices are on point. And I like the me that overate a little much more than I like the me that refused to participate.

I like to be a part of the community. My eating disorder never used to let me do that.

I am super grateful to remember this fact.

The past few weeks have been very full. I offered 20 free first sessions to new clients, and instantly every single one of them was snatched up. I’ve loved talking to people, hearing about their health and their bodies and their minds. I have loved having the opportunity to give a little to folks who otherwise might not be able to meet with me. People have trusted me enough to tell their tales and that’s gratifying.

So much so, that I want to do it more.

In the spirit of continued gratitude and serious offering, I want to offer free coaching. Specifically, one free extra month of coaching for those who sign up for my 6 month program of health and wellness coaching before January 10th.

For those who struggle with eating what makes their body feel best, body image, self-esteem, getting enough veggies in, habit change, or negative self talk, I am your GIRL. I can also talk veganism, food as it relates to OCD, IBS and other digestive issues, and weight training. 

I have a sliding scale for my fee, but even at the bottom of it, signing up before January 10th saves you 150 bucks.

I know we all struggle to take care of ourselves from time to time, but if you have been considering working with me, and you have the means, why wait? Feeling physically and emotionally good means you get to be more powerful in the world. I know from my own experience (working with a health coach in fact!) that there is no greater feeling.

Please share widely! And much love to you all <3.