A few things I’m loving, app edition.

Good morning!

So. I gotta tell ya something:

I had a moment last week where I noticed that my stress levels were steadily rising and it was for two reasons:

1) I was rarely taking days off, or even moments to chill (my eternal struggle)


2) I was avoiding starting to tackle things that had deadlines (namely my exercise science text book, getting CPR certified so that I may personal train, preparing a talk I am slated to give in Portland, OR in early March, and figuring out how to streamline the meal delivery service I just started* (more on that at the end of this post).

When I know there are things that I need to do I’m not doing, I feel a dull and constant underlying sense of dread. This anxiety adds yet another barrier to starting the aforementioned tasks (including the rest!), and frankly it also makes me feel like I can’t have a nice time or enjoy my nice life.

I knew I wanted to try some new accountability methods for getting my shit on lock (my to-do list stopped cutting it) and so I have implemented the help of a couple new apps that I’ve loved and can’t wait to share with you.

The first new app I downloaded was HabitRPG.





HabitRPG is an app based on dealing with all the stuff you want to implement in your life, but have trouble mastering. It is essentially a game (yep, RPG stands for role playing game), where you build an avatar and program in rewards when you hit a certain number of habits nailed. Your reward can be something pre-programed in to your game (like a freaking SWORD for your avatar- WHO DOESN’T WANT THAT?!) or it can be something you add yourself (A treat from Timeless Coffee, sort of like a sword for my soul, ya know?)

The new habits I am focused on implementing via habitRPG are:

1. regular exercise. I have this down on the days on my training plan, but I have two free days where I have stated that I will run and swim respectively, and sometimes I find myself wanting to weasel my way out of one of the two, usually swimming. (For reference, I almost drowned in the ocean when I was a kid, I didn’t know how to swim until I taught myself last year, and I am NOT GOOD. Like always choose the lane by the wall so I can cling to it and gasp for breath if need be not good. I hate doing things I’m not good at! Which is probably why it’s good for my character to do them anyway.)

2. Drink 10 cups of water a day. Even as I type this I find myself thinking “No! Ten cups is not enough! You drink coffee! You sweat! You need more!” but the fact of the matter is, I wasn’t always hitting even the eight cup mark, so a ten cup of water a day goal is a fantastic start. Silly perfectionist brain! I am not your baby to boss around!

3. One chapter a day (on weekdays) of my exercise science text book. Few things strike fear in my heart like this text book. I can totally handle the information. I am extremely interested in it. But just opening it up and looking at the words makes me literally want to run away screaming. I have had said textbook since Christmas, and never read a single chapter until I got HabitRPG. Now I am reading and learning daily, and chilling the fuck out. It’s just science, y’all! NO big deal. (I am saying this to myself, not you. You are probably not intimidated by science at all, which I find extremely admirable.)

and lastly, the holy grail of shit-I-need-to-do-and-don’t-want-to-do

4. Meditation. Which brings me to my new friend Headspace.



When I have regular practices of meditation, I am a better person. I am reminded to breathe when shit hits the fan, I remember one of the wisest sayings that totally pisses me off (“there are no big deals!”) and I believe it, I get less caught up in the stuff that seriously doesn’t matter. I KNOW I need meditation in my daily life, but I fear it because it means I have to slow down.

Headspace has given me the gift of meditation in really achievable chunks (10 minute increments, on a daily basis). It’s cute (just look at that above illustration!) the meditation leader has a soothing voice, and I really can’t find a day when I don’t have ten minutes to spare to breathe. In a very short time I can see the tangible and serious affects of a daily meditation practice, and its both humbling and exciting. I am so grateful!

What apps do you use? Enlighten me to more self help toolz, please!

(*If you live in the bay area and have interest in fresh, local, organic, vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar free meal delivery or pick up, check out my menu! Super Strength Health MenuI currently have space foe 1-2 new meal delivery clients.)