Weekly workouts: the rug got pulled out from under me edition

weekly workouts- the rug got pulled out from under me edition- super strength health

I have felt super awesome lately. With my body, with my workouts, with my writing, with my creative process in general. I have been going really fast and really hard (seeing clients, blogging, recipe writing, photographing, cookbook editing, event planning, book proposal pitching, Vida Vegan Con day dreaming- all REALLY good and exciting things) and suddenly, I’m just…..unable to move.

Yep. I’m sick. It started last Wednesday night, seemed to get better, then came back immediately. Today is Tuesday and it’s still here. I vacillate between being totally pissed off and laughing at myself. Of COURSE I’m sick! I have lived and breathed the joy of the work (my personal workouts, my work with super strength health) for months. The velocity of it all swept me up, and holy shit am I not a great rest-er, especially when I’m totally psyched.

I needed to be knocked on my ass for a minute, I can totally own that. So here I am. Writing to you from under the covers. Hot damn I wish I was getting up to lift something heavy.

My workouts last week are as follows:

Monday: 5 sets of 5 dumbbell push presses, one mile run

Tuesday: rest day

Wednesday: Tabata sets of sit ups, burpees, and stair runs. Four mile run

Thursday- This is the day I started to really notice that I felt TERRIBLE. I slept all day, drank tea, made soup, and watched a Joan Rivers documentary. I woke up feeling better Friday and…..

Friday: went for a 2.5 mile run/2.5 mile walk. Halfway through my loop I got a phone call and decided to chat instead of sprint.

Saturday: Had some pretty severe insomnia, and woke up at exactly 4:18AM super mad that I couldn’t just SLEEP. Decided to make the best of it by exercising early and went on another run.

People. Let’s talk about this.

My instinct, even after all these years of recovery, all this time living and breathing my process of treating myself awesome, is to GO. I push myself usually just about as much as I can in a variety of ways, exercising being just one of them, because it feels good for me to work, it feels good for me to succeed. But this run (and the run before) was a pivotal mistake. By the time Saturday evening rolled around I was SICK, all over again, and let’s be real, I could have prevented that. Since Saturday I have been forced to sit on my butt, doing not much of anything and that both annoys and embarrasses me. It turns out, I didn’t pick up on cues my body gave me, mostly in an effort to not admit I was falling prey to illness, and it got me for longer because of that.

Well. Aint that some shit.

Here are the lessons I learned:

1) If I don’t pack my days with work I might be able to check in with my body and how I feel a lot more.

2) When I feel terrible, and wake up the next day feeling better, that’s not a cue to go for a run. TRY A WALK, DUDE.

3) I am not infallible. DAMN. what a bummer.

In this time of transitioning seasons, take care of yourselves, friends! A good friend suggested healthy doses of oil of oregano extract, elderberry extract, miso soup with lots of extra garlic and ginger and rest. I’m taking all that, and tossing in some ginger lemon tea and oregon grape seed extract. Hope to be out there running at max speed again soon, but in the meantime, I think I’ll go back to my book.