Weekend reading: Dudley Edition

Good Morning!

It has been an awesome week over here. I am immersed in the detail work of my Reset and Restore program (which is very-near full! If you want to sign up, I seriously suggest you act now), I have signed on to a VERY cool new project (as to be revealed sooner rather than later), and I am, in general, focused, productive and happy. My sweet partner is out of town for nearly a month, which is sad, but hey. At least I’m getting a little extra work done. (I’m sure come November I’ll be clawing my face off and begging for someone to make me watch TV with them, but for now, I’ll take the productivity.)

What else? Oh! Halloween! I am throwing a Wes Anderson Halloween Party. I am going to be DUDLEY.


Originally I wanted to be Margot Tannenbaum, but my dudefriend was all “You’re really more of a Dudley”.

I responded with a “Fuck you!” closely followed by a “Goddamnit, You’re right.”


Onto the links!

The Evolution of Man: Joshua Katcher with Carol Adams

In this video, Joshua Katcher of The Discerning Brute discusses meat eating and the male identity, with the ever-wonderful Carol Adams. (Carol Adams wrote The Sexual Politics of Meat, which is one of the first texts I read to connect vegetarianism with feminism. OF COURSE sixteen year old Lacy’s mind was BLOWN.)  Together, Katcher and Adams touch on the glorification of butchering and the paleo diet, and I find it really enjoyable. Carol Adams is the grandmother I wish I had.

 Serial: Hosted by Sarah Koenig

Weekend Reading by Super Strength Health


Have you started listening to Serial yet? It is a new podcast series, brought to you by This American Life (which I also love) , and it is wonderful and captivating.  Serial is a 12-part series, that explores  the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee, a popular high school senior. The main suspect is her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed, who is currently convicted and in prison. So far, it just doesn’t seem like he did it. I’m only three episodes in, but I am can’t wait to hear more.

Let’s Broaden the Conversation About Thin Privilege by Jessica Wilson, MS, RDcropped-mkdblog-headIn this article, Jessica Wilson brings talk of race into the conversation about thin privilege. I AM ALL ABOUT INTERSECTIONALITY. Can I just say that? Conversations about just about anything become richer and deeper when they get more complex and I love wrapping my mind around how subjects (especially subjects that touch on oppression) relate. Please check it out!

True Trans: A Reality Show of Laura Jane Grace 

So, when I was 17 years old I heard Against Me! for the first time. It was in a sweaty basement in Portland, OR, I was in the Pacific Northwest for the first time, and I was so happy I could hardly contain myself. Against Me! was totally pivotal to my youth with all of their cheesy idealistic lyrics, and their early records were my constant soundtrack on greyhound busses and coming from my boom box which was attached to my bike handles.

Sometime in my mid-20’s the singer to Against Me! came out as trans, and came to be known as Laura Jane Grace. This series of videos is put out by AOL (!?) and explores the life of Laura, documentary style. I love that my old favorite band is morphing into a vehicle to bring trans women more into the limelight. I love that AOL is stoked on it. (And holy shit, I love that AOL still exists. WHO KNEW?!)

Jessica Wilson’s Feminized Atmosphere

Just because sometimes I feel like if I don’t laugh in the face of misogyny, I might start to cry.

Have a great weekend!