Weekend Reading: Taking Care Edition

This week has kind of kicked my ass, and there isn’t really an external rhyme or reason.

Basically, I am contending with that one week a month that many female bodied people have. I know my ladies know what I mean: it’s the one that just fucking sucks for energy. (for the record, this is the week before my period, and by the time my actual period arrives I feel much better.) For the past few days I’ve been lethargic, I’ve been hungry, I’ve had zero energy for exercise or super elaborate meals or even to have a whole lot of specificity around what I’m eating. I’ve been simplifying: meals are non-creative at this point (baked potato, broccoli, nutritional yeast, tempeh, ad infinitum) and I’ve skipped my fasted cardio all week in favor of more lifting sessions because fuck it, when the going gets sleepy, the sleepy lift weights. (that’s true for everyone, right? guys? anyone? Oh, just me? Hmmm.)

It has been good to go slower, eat chiller, and to rest more. here are a few articles I found while surfing the net as I relaxed!

How to Structure your Days if you’re Depressed by Ragini for Rookie MagazineSuper Strength Health Weekend Reading- Taking Care Edition 1


I totally struggle with healthy doses of depression and anxiety from time to time, because I am a human being in a terribly bizarre and heartbreaking world. This guide was written with teenage girls in mind, but because I think I’ll always be a bit of a sullen teen at heart, it spoke to me perfectly.

5 Foods You Should Never Eat by June Lupiani

Super Strength Health Weekend Reading- Taking Care Edition 6

You know what I fucking despise? Those weird pop-up internet ads (often on health and wellness blogs!) with a picture of a cartoon banana and the words “5 foods you should never eat!” emblazoned across it. WHAT IS UP WITH THE BANANA HATE, TURDZ OF THE NET? This list is a spoof on that whole thing, and actually includes some real talk about when it makes sense to avoid certain foods. Spoiler alert: no specific foods are mentioned and the whole thing has a spin of both food and body positivity. My kind of list!

That’s What Friends Are For by Rocco at RK WellnessSuper Strength Health Weekend Reading- Taking Care Edition 5

This article was an insightful and beautiful rumination on the difficulty and importance of friendship as we age. I just turned thirty-one, and I have to say: the list of people I am close with has gotten smaller, and I have a tough time getting out there to build new relationships. This article totally spoke to that conundrum directly, and inspired me to keep trying.

Muscles by Brussels Radio- Episode 11: Eating Disorders: an interview with Sara Russert by Dani Taylor and Giacomo MarcheseSuper Strength Health Weekend Reading- Taking Care Edition 3


Muscles by Brussels is my favorite podcast and real talk about eating disorders is possibly my favorite subject. This episode gets kinda gritty! It talks about the relatively unspoken dangers of dieting within a vegan athlete competition context- a subject I have been dying to hear more about.

Ginger Sesame Tempeh Lettuce Wraps by Alissa SaenzSuper Strength Health Weekend Reading- Taking Care Edition 4


This dream boat of a wrap needs to get in my hands- STAT. I’m totally willing to break out of my lazy food rut for a taste!

Happy weekend <3