Weekend Reading: PlantFit Edition


When your band mate is a coffee roaster, good things happen.

And the new year is off with a bang!

The past few weeks have been extremely fun and also extremely busy. I am getting to know my new clients, writing new meal plans, and trying to take some hours of not-work (I’m not really in the days of not-work section of life yet) to take some deep breaths and remember that it is important for me to have time to unwind, too. I have found it difficult to pause, which is probably a perfect sign that that’s exactly what I need to do.

Right. Duh.

Here are some things I have going on:

I am catering this event on Friday, January 23rd in San Francisco and I couldn’t be more excited. Please expect your daily dose of probiotics, fresh coffee, perfectly creamy and fluffy vegan gluten-free quiche, and cinnamon zucchini bread muffins. I have been testing my recipes for weeks and I am very excited to share them with all 200 people who show up. (gulp.)

My band (Strays!) is happening, after a bunch of years of trying to make music with people. I havn’t ever been in a band, or really even collaborated artistically before and it has been liberating and vulnerable to try. Every time we practice my voice surprises me. Who knew I could be so loud!

And, perhaps most exciting of all, Super Strength Health is getting an office space, which is a perfect segue to our weekend reading links.

1) This week is the grand opening of FitQuick Café and PlantFit Strength and Conditioning!


You know what gives me a giant emotional boner? Watching new vegan businesses pop up all the time. You know what else? When my friends are at the helm.

This Saturday, January 17th, my friends Holly Noll and Ed Bauer are finally opening up their all-vegan gym and café. The grand opening will feature a workout (that is optional if that’s not your thing!) Timeless Coffee, Samplings of Protein Donuts from FitQuick Cafe, a Presentation from Keegan Kuhn, director of the documentary Cowspiracy, and a fundraiser raffle with all the proceeds going to Animal Place, a sanctuary for farm animals in Grass Valley, California.

I am incredibly stoked to go to this event, but the cherry on the (coconut) whipped cream for me is that I have agreed to have an office space within PlantFit’s walls. Super Strength Health has grown exponentially since I opened my non-existent doors in June, and an office space is a little nerve wracking to procure, but also totally necessary. I couldn’t ask to be connected to better people and business, too, so hey. THE TIME IS NOW. It feels very cool to have such opportunity.

2) Resentment: A malignancy by Sara Seinberg


I FUCKING LOVE SARA SEINBERG. Let me just say that first.

Second: This article struck a real chord with me. Generally, I am a happy, supportive (and supported!) partner, friend, sister, and daughter. But I am not perfect. I am (perhaps overly?) sensitive and I have definitely known myself to let things grow and flourish inside before I speak up about issues that bother me.

Resentment is something that I have intermittently struggled with and I am definitely acutely aware that it effects me far more than it actually effects the person I’m pissed off at. I have used a few of the tools Sara discusses to get over my bullshit, but this article was a great physical reminder that when I am feeling interpersonally out of whack, I have much more control over my emotions than I might guess. A very worthwhile read.

3) You WILL Get Bulky by Sheri Stiles


A quote:

“Saying “lifting weights will make a woman bulky” is downplaying the hard work and dedication it takes to be strong. It’s downplaying all those who aspire to build “bulk” (muscle) and strive for their own personal perception of being fit” –Sheri Stiles

There is so much misinformation, stereotype, and downright patriarchal attitude about women and weight lifting, and I’m not into it. I’m not into the idea that women shouldn’t bother putting on muscle because it isn’t “ladylike” to be “bulky.” I know not everyone wants to put hours of focus in the gym to get a ripped physique, and that’s TOTALLY COOL, but for the wild asses who DO (ahem, me.) we should not have to contend with archaic ideas about what’s correct for our bodies. Muscle is what people want when they say they want to look “toned” and MUSCLE IS BULK. This article gave me some great food for thought.

Have a great weekend!