Weekend Reading: HOLY SHIT edition.

So, holy shit, a lot of wonderful things have crossed my web browser lately, and I want to share them all with you.

I feel ambitious today! I’m going to give you a huge wallop of links. I am going to give them with limited commentary, because there are just SO MANY, and the fact is, I bet the titles will pique your interest more than my opinions will. BUT first things first, and that first thing is Feminist Lisa Frank :

Super Strength Health- weekend readingJesus Christ. My emotional pre-teen girl boner has POPPED for these images, and will continue to do so, from now until forever, every single time I look at them. Thank you feminist Lisa Frank, Thank you.

And now the rest of the links:

“I got 4 bikes”: 2 Nickelodeon Super Toy Run winners reminisce 20 years later By Marah Eakin

Do you remember the Nickelodeon toy run? I hoped, I prayed, I DREAMED of winning the opportunity to go buck fucking wild, running up and down the empty halls of Toys R’ Us and filling my life with the pure unbridled joy that is TOYS. I kind of always thought maybe no kid actually won, maybe it was all a hoax. It was super fun to read that I was wrong!

When You Learn to Hate Your Body from Your Own Family by Gillian Brown

Hey. So. Lots of times, our parents hate their bodies. Our grandparents hate their bodies. Shit, I bet our grandparent’s grandparent’s might have hated their bodies. This article reminded me that today, right now I have the opportunity to stop that train. I love my body so that all the kids I come in contact with can love theirs too. PARADIGM SHIFT, THATS WASSUP.

Get On The Train: for Palo Alto Teens who have considered suice by Ariel Gore

Dropping out of high school saved my fucking life, and I have never once for one day regretted it. If the train of high school feels fast and brutal, you can get off. It’s okay. I love you.

Our Sense of Belonging can Never be Greater Than Our Level of Self-acceptance by Tricia Martin-Owen

This is so, completely, 100% TRUE. Tricia Martin-Owen has been a peaceful and compassionate voice for as long as I’ve known her (almost eight years ago this happened- an event that was thrown especially for me at such a horrible time in my life, this post still brings tears to my eyes). It is wonderful to see how Tricia’s compassion continues to spiral outward, but now seems to be going inward as well. YOU GO GURL.

How the “Inspiring” Good Fatty Hurts the Body Positive Movement by Bitchtopia 

The more I delve deeper into body politics, the more I know there is still so much to learn, so may ways I can stretch my understandings of how ALL people deserve to love the body in which they are housed in. I am feeling deep gratitude to this article for helping me to push my boundaries and understand issues of representation with a bit more complexity.

Be A Person Who Gets Shit Done: A Gentle Guide by Rachel

There is nothing-and I a mean NOTHING- I love more than getting shit DONE. This guide is a great help for just that.


Last thing! Rise and Resist has a third episode out now, in which Holly and I discuss body image, self-esteem, changing your workout routine, involving your partner in your fitness, accepting your body at any size, and delicious delicious SNACKS. You can find that episode Here.


Happy weekend!