Weekend Reading: deep breath edition


After a good solid month of a lot of high stress/high stakes work, personal projects, applications and interviews I am just about spent. It has started to rain in Oakland, and with the grey every day this week I have woken up exhausted. I definitely know that life tends to wax and wane. I am celebrating the wane period with lots of naps.

Please come bring vegan gluten-free snacks and stories to my bed. My favorite offerings will be tacos and anything with peanut butter. kale smoothies, too. KTHANKSBYE.

Here are some things I am loving on the internet lately.

1) How to be a good ally to fat people who appear to have lost weight by Bevin Branlandingham10079750784_0fc03ca2c1_z

Although I do not identify as a fat person, I have been a person who has lost weight unhealthily in the past, and healthily in the present. I am constantly tripped up by how totally ballsy people are with their comments about it.  No matter how well-intentioned a weight loss compliment is, it makes me feel weird/reminds me that smaller is often equated with better and hey, what do you know, I don’t like that. Sometimes people lose weight because their hearts are broken. Sometimes they lose weight because they are too poor to afford food. Sometimes they lose weight because they are participating in unhealthy behaviors and thought patterns. There are totally alternatives to outright cheerleading for weight loss.

2) 10 minute core sequence for  a digestive detox by Jessi Andricksw640

Hey, sometimes you’re gassy and you just have to fart it out. These movements will help.

3) Maintaining a long term blog by Heidi Swanson


101 Cookbooks is one of my absolute favorite blogs, and holy shit, it is over a decade old. That’s like practically ancient scripture in blog terms! I read through this article with some serious vigor, because if there is one thing I want for my little blog space, it is longevity. Here’s to Super Strength Health 2024!

4) A look at the body love conference 2015: questions, considerations and commentary by Jes Baker


I applied to speak at this conference, and have made it to the second round of applications. VERY EXCITING, PEOPLE. extremely.

Here is a sneak peak at (some of) what’s upcoming. Please go to this! Learn to love your body more, talk to others who are doing the same. Come to my talk if I’m chosen! Give me a high five in the audience if not.

5) 9 ways to conquer seasonal affective disorder by Kris Carr


So, seasonal affective disorder, I have it. Even in California. Even in the drought. Rain, cold, clouds, they just get me down. (and it doesn’t help that there has been some serious talk of moving to Portland around my house, either.) If anyone has mastered happiness, I think it’s Kris Carr. I am taking every ounce of her advice!

See you Monday!