Weekend Reading: Don’t tell me to smile edition


Finally, after who-the-hell-knows how long, I feel good again. Yesterday I went on a run that didn’t feel like death, last night I went out to a show, today I plan to, you know, go to meetings and be the business woman I am trying to be. SUCCESS. God, illness blows.

Here are some of the links that got me through the low points this week:

1) Smile: Written and Directed by Jessie Weinberg

I would like to start our weekly links off with one of the best things I’ve seen in awhile. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy. I am FEELIN’ this. So hard.

2) Peace, Love and Be Vegan written by Anzia

Super Strength Health - Weekend Reading 4

This blog is awesome. It is written by a ten year old vegan girl, and it is her project for Vegan MoFo. Basically, she takes pictures of her meals, and calculates the amount of protein she gets in a day. The numbers show that she is well within a healthy range of protein consumption for her weight and height, literally without trying. #wheredoyougetyourprotein myth, you can go to hell!


3) Definition Magazine #3: Powerlifting issue- edited by Christy Morgan 

Super Strength Health - Weekend Reading 2

This issue of Definition is focused on POWERLIFTING, which I fucking love. The ladies contained within are unbridled badasses, and I love love love these cover girls. It’s a free download, so check it out!


4) Ms. Opinionated: My Spouse is Giving me the Silent Treatment by Nicole J. Georges

Super Strength Health - Weekend Reading



Nicole gives great advice on seriously pretty much every topic. In this column, she dishes some real talk to an ailing reader in a loving, serious, cute, and direct way. Nicole manages to say what she feels with a hell of a lot of zest, and I only hope that some day I can be as up front as her, with all the poise that she keeps in tact.


5) 9 Ways to Quit Obsessing About Food by JillFit

Super Strength Health - Weekend Reading 3

In this article Jill teaches us all to break the static noise of food obsession, and dive in to our real lives. A very worthy read!


See you Monday!