Work Hard, Be Brave

Welcome 2015- Super Strength HealthThis time last year, I was pretty unhappy in a lot of ways.

I had my recovery, but I wasn’t comfortable in my body.

I had a job I had worked hard to obtain, but it turned out I didn’t like it.

I was commuting in traffic for approximately 15 hours per week.

I was exhausted, could never get to bed early enough, could never catch enough sleep.

I had let myself give up just a little and then February came, and despite the odds, I made a change.

I signed up to attend school to learn how to run a health and wellness coaching business.

I made it my fucking business to learn how to like myself. My personality, my actions, and YEAH, my body.

I quit teaching

I opened up Super Strength Health.

I co-wrote an e-cookbook.

I worked tirelessly on a book proposal. I got an agent and a lot of hope.

I was asked to speak at Vida Vegan Con 2015.

I wrote and wrote and wrote, and for the first time in my life, I realized I had an audience. A few things I wrote had a much bigger audience than I expected or maybe was even ready for. People criticized some of my writing, or my pictures, or my ideas, and for a minute I freaked out and then promptly didn’t give a fuck.

Because I had done the work to love myself and because there was much more work to do for that feeling of self-love to become the status quo all around me.

Because I knew my intentions were integrous and true.

Because I felt healthy and whole and complete in myself, and that meant that accolades and readers were absolutely mindblowing and wonderful, but that I didn’t need everyone’s approval.

Super Strength Health isn’t for everyone.

It isn’t for people that think liking your mind and your body are a waste of time.

It isn’t for people that dislike strong women.

It isn’t for the fat-phobic, the queer-phobic, the difficult conversation-phobic.

Super Strength Health exists for me, and for my people. This will be the feminists or the vegans or the punks or the freaks or the queers. Not everyone! But enough people to build community off of, for sure.

Super Strength Health gives me a reason to wake up every morning. It gives my days purpose. The people I work with give me hope.

Everything changed in 2014, essentially because of the people who read this blog. Humbly, I bow to y’all. Thank you. Thank you so much.

So today, it’s 2015, and I woke up with ten new clients. That is better than any holiday gift I have ever received.

2015 will be the first year I support myself with my business 100%.

It will be the year my book comes to deeper fruition.

It will be the year I get certified as a personal trainer.

It will be the year Super Strength Health sponsors its first conference.

I am stoked.

I am ready.

Let’s crush it.