What I Ate Wednesday #3

After a few days of feeling not-all-that-hungry, my appetite came back today- BIG TIME. I had a serious omega-level case of the hungries. Bodies are totally amazing with their varying day-to-day needs. (This is to say, you’re seeing my meals but not my snacks. Snacks are pretty consistently carrots and nut butter, my pre-workout bites, or maybe some chips and salsa. You can go ahead and assume my day was peppered with all of the above. I just don’t find photos of these very exciting!)

Now- on to the foods!

This smoothie was topped with roasted almonds and made with romaine lettuce, peaches, a banana, unsweetened almond milk, celery, peanut butter and some Vega One French Vanilla . Have y’all gotten on the celery-in-your-smoothie-train yet? I swear up and down I thought that sounded disgusting before I tried it and now swear by it. Celery is anti-inflammatory and has been proven to actually help the digestive tract. What can I say? I have IBS- I need all the help I can get.

Super Strength Health- WIAW 3 (breakfast)

Lunch was a spin on the taco salad I’ve been freaking out about lately. It was a bed of lettuce, topped with my sun dried tomato basil vinaigrette, home made salsa, tofu scramble, black beans, avocado, and a few tortilla chips. It ruled.

Super Strength Health- WIAW 3 (lunch)

This dinner was directly post workout (I PR’d my front squat, y’all!) and I definitely wanted fast, nourishing, protein rich food. I made Raechel from Rebel Grrl Living’s Pudla topped with peppers, zucchini, and kale (FROM MY GARDEN, WHOOP WHOOP!), salsa, tahini, and crumbled tempeh. It was truly and deeply divine.

Super Strength Health- WIAW 3 (dinner)

For so long I would become so frustrated with my body when it was hungrier than I thought it “should” be. On hungry days like today, its kind of easy to get annoyed at the sheer amount of times I feel the need to eat, but mostly I’m concentrating on how exciting it is to not have a mental list of calculations, “shoulds” and “should nots”.

Eating to fuel the body is cool as hell. I wish all my readers a lifetime of doing just that.