Weekend Reading: Podcasting edition

My friends! I am doing a couple of very exciting things in Mendocino, CA right now.

1) I am photographing the amazing Stanford Inn Eco-Resort and its accompanying restaurant, Raven’s Restaurant for a new all-vegan travel magazine called Driftwood.


2) I am getting interviewed for one of my absolute very favorite podcasts ever, Approaching the Natural.

WOW. Have I mentioned how stoked, amazed, terrified, nervous, and delighted I am when I think of all the cool-ass shit vegans do and all the ways I can be a part of said shit? It’s truly beautiful and incredible and I am so pleased to wake up every single day and know that my work with Super Strength Health is both fun and has a purpose. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t shedding a tear right now.

I’m such a cheeseball.

A cashew based cheese ball.

(Okay, I’ll stop)

Due to my escapades, I am going to leave you with these wonderful links and not my two cents. Trust me when I say all these articles are very very worth reading, and click on over to get the full scoop.

1) Letting Go of Busy by Ashley Neese


2) Why the Hourglass Figure is the Only Version of Plus Size That We See by Jes Baker


3) How to Not Care What Other People Think of You by Tavi Gevinson 


4) How to Pack a Balanced (Vegan) Diet in Your Backpack by Anna/Bug 


5) Dietician Perspective on Protein, Calcium and Vegan Bone Health by Ginny Messina, R.D.



See you on Monday!