That one time I got married and it was the coolest day of my entire life.

So. Sometimes you intend to take a little break, and it ends up being an actually kind of large one.

I never meant to take so many weeks off of blogging, but life happened, and it was really big, and I kind of just had to participate. I have so many things to tell you about (I love my readers intensely, and truly missed writing here) but the abridged version is this:

I got married.

I went to Kauai for a glorious two week vacation.

I got my first book deal, a little something you will see on the shelves in the Summer of 2017.


I left my beloved Oakland. I am now an official, for-real Portland resident. Nerd Wedding-32There is a ton to say about ALL of these things, but first, I want to tell you about my wedding. I have some AMAZING pictures, from what truly was the best day of my life, and I am beyond stoked just thinking about the time we had.  This post is long and picture heavy, but I promise, we will hop right back into fitness, feminism, vegan food, and all the other good stuff you have come to expect from my little corner of the blog-o-sphere really soon. I just had to share this first.

So first, let’s talk about getting ready. Nerd Wedding-50I am not a makeup girl. Like, at all. My face is generally bare, and half the time I sort of think I wanna be all fancy in the face and then I try to go about imagining how that would fit into my life and I feel a tremendous wave of overwhelm. For this reason I was STOKED to have a little help from my very talented friend, Lauren. I’m gonna be real, I felt really pretty on my wedding day, which is not a thing I have in my life a whole lot. (I usually feel more cute-goofy-tough-funny) It was nice to feel like the belle of the ball while people were celebrating my partnership around me. Although makeup can’t be an all-the-time thing for me, it is a definitely wonderful sometimes-accent. Nerd Wedding-60This is my friend Meg. She was my very first friend in college, and one of the first people to truly see the depths of my personality through very thick and very thin and still come out loving me. This is my crying my eyes out and saying “I am just so glad you’re here!”.  Nerd Wedding-61I love my friends so much. If there are any wedding-day regrets I have, it is not getting a chance to talk to more of them more. Nerd Wedding-74

This is basically just a gratuitous calf picture. I work hard for my gunz and it shows mostly in the lower half of my legs. I’ll take it!

Nerd Wedding-78So, have you ever tried to put a dress on with a beehive and a full face of makeup? That shit is HARD. This is my mom and my sister helping me try to weasel my way into my wedding dress, and it very much not working. Laughs were had all around and finally I just kneeled down like a pauper being knighted while they lowered the dress down to the ground. Very classy.Nerd Wedding-82Nerd Wedding-90Nerd Wedding-115Nerd Wedding-120Like I said, more than ever in my life, on this day I felt really fucking pretty. It’s a good feeling!

Now, onto the wedding site!Nerd Wedding-132Kett and I were told we were supposed to do a “first look” to officially reveal ourselves in all of our wedding finery. Both him and I had a hard time wrapping our minds around having to conjure up emotions for the camera so early in the day, and decided that the only right way to do such a thing would be to have it take place in the matrimonial bounce house. I rolled up to the wedding site, waited a bit, and when I was given the okay, climbed my way into the bounciest carousel in all of Oakland.  Nerd Wedding-133Where a very fly dude awaited my arrival. Nerd Wedding-178In case you couldn’t tell by the carousel, our wedding was super duper fun/carnival/block party themed. We had a bounce off, croquet, cornhole, a strongman high striker, bocce ball, horseshoes, and a potato sack race. Custom trophies were made. Nerd Wedding-179Table favors were red sun glasses, a button with our emblem (a flag with three hearts containing a barbell and a kale leaf, a cup of coffee, and a pencil and a paintbrush), old McDonald’s toys from the early 90’s, and a comic. Instead of flowers we had hollowed out dinosaurs with succulents.Nerd Wedding-424Nerd Wedding-180I immediately ripped my dress, of course, and strategically used my button to remedy the situation. You can paint a lady’s face and put her in a fancy dress, but that’s no guarantee that she’ll keep it clean and rip free!Nerd Wedding-186Costumes were very encouraged , and thus we had such esteemed guests as Boba Fett….Nerd Wedding-195Kamala Khan….Nerd Wedding-203…And a fantastically revealed Superman.Nerd Wedding-207Nerd Wedding-276Nerd Wedding-215Everyone basically looked amazing nailing the high striker.Nerd Wedding-211The bounce-off was so intense it was kind of hard to watch. Nerd Wedding-229
Nerd Wedding-246Nerd Wedding-282But nothing beats the potato sack race. NOTHING.Nerd Wedding-283This dude managed a double somersault and STILL came out victorious.Nerd Wedding-288Have I mentioned how amazing my friends are?Nerd Wedding-302Okay, so here’s the deal.

Kett and I didn’t know the exact moment we were to be wed. We entrusted our best friend with a wedding horn and asked her to give it a long and loud toot when she felt it was time for some sweet words and legally binding contracts. An hour or two into the ceremony, Monica blew the horn and Kett and I darted to the vista where we were to be officially wed.Nerd Wedding-304Nerd Wedding-310Nerd Wedding-311Nerd Wedding-316Nerd Wedding-320While Kett and I got a head start, our MC, Nishat, waved the flag and assembled the troops.Nerd Wedding-322A parade was lead up a little hill….Nerd Wedding-323Nerd Wedding-326Nerd Wedding-329where we waited, trying not to cry. Nerd Wedding-335Then, maybe the best part of the whole day, I got to talk about Kett.Nerd Wedding-350I love this man.

I love that he is patient, and has integrity and makes me laugh. I love that he supports me, and calls me on my shit, and let’s me cry when I need to. I love that we make art together. I love that I plan to become an old ass lady by his side, and that we can seal the deal with a tremendous high five.Nerd Wedding-368Nerd Wedding-370And a smooch, of course.Nerd Wedding-372HUZZAHHHH!Nerd Wedding-433Neither Kett nor I drinks or really likes cake, so the whole dessert thing was kind of a conundrum. After trying multiple non-cake dessert ideas, we came to what seemed like an obvious answer: coffee and donuts. Nothing says “love” more than donuts, especially when they are vegan and gluten-free.Nerd Wedding-434

So, we broke the donut…Nerd Wedding-437

We dined…Nerd Wedding-439

And speeches were enjoyed.Nerd Wedding-464
Nerd Wedding-497Of course the day wouldn’t have been complete without an epic group photo. Nerd Wedding-518And a few nice solo ones, too. Nerd Wedding-522Nerd Wedding-524Nerd Wedding-535

Thank you so much for sticking with me through the long break, and the immediate schmoopy love fest. I am very much ready to be back in action around these parts, and can’t wait to write all the things that have been swimming around in my head for the past 8+ weeks.

Until next time!

(All photos by Holly Feral )