Sunday Reading #15

Happy Sunday, non-gender-specific dudes and dudettes!

My garden is poppin’  right now, and I want to tell you all about it. Right now I am growing celery, kale, romaine lettuce, leeks, green beans, heirloom tomatoes, and zucchini. My roommate has a big section of strawberries and blueberries, cucumbers, potatoes, artichokes, and more lettuce and kale. We also have an avocado tree and passion fruit vine that said roommate is insistent will yield some fruit, but to be real with you, I just don’t know. It’s Oakland, not Hawaii.

But I digress.

Having a garden is just about the sweetest thing ever, something I really wanted last year before I firestormed all my cute little plant starts in a blaze of over-attention turned to neglect. This year things are different (someone picks up my slack when I forget to water) and holy hell, is life good. Growing my own food makes me want to move to Southern California, where I could grow all of the produce all of the time. (but then I remember how when I used to visit Southern California all the time people in the gym would be in full makeup talking about calorie counts and grams of carbs, or wearing head to toe garbage bag suits and running on treadmills on 100 degree days. Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Not for me.)

ANYWAY! Here are some things I liked this week:

1) Thinking about bodies, loving them, and where we’re investing our energy by Cheryl Madliger at Healthy is the New Wealthy

Super Strength Health Sunday Reading #15 (1)

This post asks this question: Could body love advocates be using their energy to be more personally empowered in other ways? What does a focus on the body do to us and the people around us? Why is funneling energy toward loving our body necessary? Excellent food for thought!

2) The Mountains are Calling by Anna at The Nourishing Journey 

Super Strength Health Sunday Reading #15 (4)

So. I am 100% obsessed with the Pacific Crest Trail (a 2,660 mile trail on the West Coast that goes from Mexico all the way up to Canada). My very good friend Carrot Quinn  is in the process of her second walk up the trail and for the past two years I have hung on her every word about the journey. This post is not from Carrot, but instead from a vegan woman named Anna, preparing to make that same journey. Because I know (KNOW!) I will walk that trail someday, it is super wonderful and important for me to hear about a woman doing it on a vegan diet. I can’t wait to see how it goes!

3) Drive Series: Motivation for Reps by Holly Noll for the Definition for ladies weblog

Super Strength Health Sunday Reading #15 (2)

Holly is one of the incredibly fabulous women behind Definition Magazine. This article is super real, discussing the transition from training for aesthetic purposes to training to compete. She talks about eating more to lift heavier, watching her body get larger on purpose after a weight loss journey. I totally related to this post (although I do not, and probably will not ever compete) and I really appreciated the succinct nature of her candor.

4) Vida Vegan Con 2015 Application 

Super Strength Health Sunday Reading #15 (5)

Vida Vegan Con is an ALL VEGAN BLOGGER CONFERENCE (!!!) that will take place in Austin, TX in May of 2015. Their deadline for speaker applications is July 9th, which means it is soon, but you still totally have time to formulate your proposal. Today I finished an application to co-facilitate two workshops with the incredibly amazing Raechel of Rebel Grrl Kitchen and my fingers are so, so crossed. I love public speaking, and this conference is the absolute perfect outlet for my urge to talk to crowds. (ALSO, do you want me to give a speech at your college/high school/office/etc.? I CAN DO THAT. I enjoy discussing body image, self-esteem, vegan sources of protein, lifting heavy, eating for energy, feminism, etc.)

The Obvious Child written and directed by Gillian Robespierre

This is a romantic comedy about an abortion. First of all, rom-coms, I love ’em. Second of all, abortion is in the mainstream, and not painted as a huge life ruiner. BIG STEPS FORWARD. I literally cried the entire time I watched this movie, not because it was super sad (it was actually pretty funny) but because I think that just the fact that this movie exists is a big step forward for feminism.

Have a great end-of-weekend!