Sunday Reading #13

Good Morning!

Life has been extremely cool as of late. Super Strength Health has gained a lot of momentum, and I’ve had the ability to show my face in a very exciting project (which you’ll read about in this post-don’t worry)! Stepping away from teaching in a formal way has opened up the opportunity to teach on a much more individual level and I am feeling significantly more fulfilled and self-motivated to get out there and help people feel as awesome as they can. In turn, I feel pretty awesome myself.

Neat how that works out.

Couple of house keeping things: Saturday Reading is now Sunday Reading, because, WOAH, I’m usually pretty busy on Saturdays and I imagine other folks are too. ALSO the wonderful folks at Fern House Co.  have made my website responsive, thus meaning it should look awesome on any device. Ahhhhh. That feels good.

Onto the links!

1) Definition : Strength and Training for Ladies – edited by Christy Morgan

Super Strength Health Sunday Reading 1

This magazine is written for vegan women who lift weights, which could not be more perfect for a babe like myself.  When I saw the first issue I knew it was important that there be a voice out there that talks about healthy vegan weight gain via weight lifting. For some reason I was a little nervous for that voice to be me.

So. I sent them an email saying “Hey guys, have you ever thought about doing this kind of story?” to which they responded “Here’s how to submit.”

WELL. I suppose that DOES make sense.

So my story is in there, and I am extremely proud of the work I put in to get to a point to write about weight gain with pride, happy with the writing, and stoked to be amongst the other amazing ladies in the issue. Coincidentally, my vegan gluten-free Caesar salad with Miso Dijon glazed tempeh and Polenta Croutons  also won in the “most innovative” category of their salad contest.  I like winning stuff. It feels awesome.

2) The Anti Diet Project by Kelsey Miller 

Super Strength Health Sunday Reading 2a


The Anti-Diet project is amazing. It is a series of posts (that I believe is ever-expanding!) over at Refinery29 that explores one awesome women’s experience with Intuitive Eating. With article titles like “Just Eat the Christmas Cookies Like a Normal Person, Please”, “Why Intuitive Eating Could Change the World”, “7 Diet Lies you Probably Believe” and “Breakfast with the Diet Rebel” why would you not want to read? This lady is sassy, honest, and exploring some deep stuff as she recovers from chronic dieting. Get at it!

 3) Grilled Polenta and Zucchini Salsa- by Jeanine at Love and Lemons 

Super Strength Health Sunday Reading 3

To me, this is a perfect Summer recipe. It is vegan and gluten-free, involves the GRILL (a must for summer time) and even includes an option for milling your own cornmeal (which I did, because that’s how I roll.) When I made it I included some roasted chickpeas with the zucchini slaw (because, protein, I like it.) and it brought the dawn of the season straight to my mouth.


4) The Unspoken Downside of Training for Performance by Nia Shanks 

Super Strength Health Sunday Reading 5

I love Nia Shanks. She is one of the very first bloggers I found that emphasized a focus on exercise performance as opposed to physique, and encourages short, high intensity work outs as opposed to long steady-state cardio. This concept for how to exercise is total normal to me now (Thanks Grassroots Crossfit!) but at one point and time it was REVOLUTIONARY. short, performance focused exercise changed my life.


In this article Nia talks about potential downsides of exercise for performance. Type A personality types (like, ahem, me, and half the people I know) can take exercise goals just a weeeeee bit far. As someone who has fallen down a rabbit hole of compulsive exercise in the past, it’s pretty easy to see transference with weight lifting. It could easily be like this: “Didn’t get a PR on my deadlift? I’M THE WORST!”. Instead, Nia reminds us to chill out. Some days we won’t beat our formal exercise records. Some times we are tired. Some times our body needs rest. That’s cool. Do it for the experience, and generally, you will improve. A great reminder.

5) Citizen Radio by Allison Kilkenny and Jamie Kilstein 

Super Strength Health 5


Citizens Radio is the best. Allison Kilkenny is a journalist and Jamie Kilstein is a comedien and when it comes to the world of podcasting, that is an excellent combination. The two of them release podcasts five days a week with unfiltered, unsponsored news. This means the listener (me! you!) gets the facts without having to wonder if a corporation sponsored the opinion. My love for citizens radio has taken me from being a general political not-know-much to a kind-of-know-a-lot. I feel like I am a better person because I am informed- all due to Citizen’s Radio.

The whole she-bang is FREE and clearly quite time intensive. Listen to their podcast, buy their book, donate to their show. And for goodness sakes, don’t forget to enjoy it a little.

Happy Sunday!