The End of Summer Big Fat List of YES: Highly recommended reading from August and September 2015.

Good morning!

First and foremost, please let me show you my favorite thing I have seen on the Internet all Summer:

Can I Phone You? by Philippa Rice and Soft Spot

Now, let me tell you about all the wonderful things that I have read since coming back from my honeymoon:

Rookie Magazine:

My Very Loved Sick Parent by Kelly Abeln

Body Image and Self-Esteem:

Body Positivity; It’s SCIENCE, bitchez by Amber Rogers

Fat Shaming DOES Inspire Me by Jes Baker

Are You Taking Any Steps to Keep it Real? by Dave Eggers

The Gentle Art of Trying Something and Sucking at it by Leo Babauta

Finding a Chocolate Truffle in the Rain by Geneen Roth

Negative Self Talk and Our Perceptions of Self Esteem by Strengthgeek

Inspiring Vegans:

A Paused Life by Scott Spitz

My Dark Passenger by Scott Spitz

Fitness, Health, and Wellness:

Self-care Minimums When Dealing Depression by Josey

The Art of Flexibility by the Healthy Hipster

Feminism and Politics:

The Meaning of Serena Williams by Claudia Rankine

Yoko One: A feminist analysis by Cara Kulwicki

Against #alllivesmatter by Ali Seiter

I’m a Fat Anti Assimilationist and No, I’m Not Sorry by Virgie Tovar


On Quitting by Linda Eliasen

On Cyber Bullying and Choosing Kindness by Elsie Larson

Childhood, Disrupted by Donna Jackson Nakazawa

Being Mindful of Your Friends Money Situations by Kelly Williams Brown

What have you been reading lately?