Girl, these short shorts are for you.

girl, these thighs are for you

Yesterday I was running around a lake near my house, and en route, I was stopped by a woman I did not know.

“Why are your shorts so short, girl?! You trying to attract the attention of men?!” she said.

I shook my head, unsure of the proper response, and walked away. As my walk gathered speed and turned into a run, I thought:

I wear short shorts because they are comfortable for me to wear, and it is totally my right to choose to do so.

I wear short shorts because in the depth of my struggle with anorexia, I was willing to gain weight, but promised myself that I’d only get to 100 pounds, and then I would stop. I couldn’t imagine existing in the world with a body any bigger than tiny.

I wear short shorts because I used to think my thighs needed to be small for me to be acceptable.

Because two of my thighs used to be roughly the same size as one is now.

I wear short shorts for women, for those of us that have been afraid to let our bodies by seen.

I wear short shorts because I survived the desire to disappear and that’s a miracle.

Because I am undeniably fit, and strong, because no one will second guess my decision to eat a vegan diet based on my appearance.

I wear short shorts as a representative

of survival

of choosing to live in an embodied state

of a body that is not starving

of shamelessness

of a bold choice to not hide.

Girl, I wear short shorts for you. So you can see a person in the world that unabashedly loves their body.

I’d love it if everyone else did the same.