My House and My Body Part 2 (A love story in pictures)

Yesterday I told you all about the little home I built myself. Today, just for the sake of gratuitous pleasure, I want to show you the inside. My shack is prettttttty cozy.Inside my home - super strength health 4The inside of my door, shoes, photobooth pictures from ages 16-present, A Crass poster, a photograph taken with a disposable film camera in the year 2006 by my friend Meg Shoemaker, A washcloth that says “Galina”, which is the name of a good friend who has passed away, a plant my partner’s mom gave me, my dresser, and my records.Inside my home - super strength health 6A lot of the same stuff as before + my afghan curtain, and stuffed animals people have made me.Inside my home - super strength health 10Lots of pictures of my grandmother, and a painting made by my friend Manny Silva. It’s supposed to be me and he gave it to me when I was 19. Inside my home - super strength health 3My desk, my ever-present coffee mug, roses from my garden, more plants, most notably one from my friend Jaiye that is supposed to be extra helpful in clarifying polluted air ( I live riiiiight off the highway ) a potholder made for me by Kelly, thread holder turned to earring holder, my record player, bag by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener, SECOND earring holder made by the amazingly talented Ketch Wehr.  Inside my home - super strength health 1SKYLIGHT! + fake Chanel potholder knitted by my friend Sarai. Inside my home - super strength health 2Book porn for those of you who like to snoop. Some highlights include Assata by Assata Shakur, The Power of Feminist Art by Norma Broude, Mary D. Garrard, and Judith K. Brodksy, and Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elise Resch. Also an amazing print by Erik Marinovich given to me by my friend Nishat Akhtar. I really do hope to reside in the 5-1-0 for a lifetime.Inside my home - super strength health 7My box of zines, a bizarre melty crayola looking painting by Derek Franklin , More Sarah Gottesdiener work, a tiny test print that I pulled out of the trash by Tammy Rae Carland (this woman was one of my absolute heros when I went to California College of the Arts 12 years ago. She taught there, and I loved her enough to steal her trash *hangs head in shame*), my wood burning stove, and tea kettle.    Inside my home - super strength health 9 My under-loft closet situationInside my home - super strength health The full view!

This post has made me accutely aware how wonderfully talented all of my friends are. My walls fit only a fraction of the art I collected during my six years of art school, and I think what is up is the cream of the crop.

Soon, we will return to our regularly scheduled healthy eating/body image/fitness posts. But for now, I hope you enjoyed! (I guess the loose thread here is, when you feel strong and healthy and like yourself, you free up enough brain space to do really cool and exciting things like build a shack in the backyard)

See y’all soon!