September Intentions and Vegan MoFo

Super Strength Health September IntentionsHappy new month!

I love new months- it’s a chance for a new start.

September means a bunch of stuff to me. It means that the picture above is probably of my last locally grown watermelon this year. It means the heat of summer is winding down, and autumn is on my heels.

love autumn, because it’s the time of year where the universe seems full of possibility. I am no longer a student, or even a teacher, but I bought notebooks, pens, and a few new clothing items this week. Autumn seems the time to prepare for what’s ahead.

September also happens to be VeganMoFo time (That’s vegan month of food, for those of you who don’t know), which is a time where vegan bloggers all around the internet aim to blog five times a week about vegan stuff in general. I am joining in, and super excited to put even more time into my little corner of the internet. I love blogging. It feels like coming home.

As I mentioned, new months feel like a new start, so I think it’s wise to put some intentions for my time out there, and I reccommend you do the same. Declaring my intentions at the start of each month is something I’ve done for quite some time, and it helps keep me focused when there is no way that I could possibly do all the things that I want to.

Setting intentions helped me to write a book proposal, see clients, create a cookbook, propose (and be accepted) to speak at Vida Vegan Con 3, and take a vacation to The Stanford Inn, all in the month of August. These were my five main focuses of the month, and in between them, I made myself food that I wanted to share and felt proud of, worked out, made an effort to see more friends, and read. I would call August a giant success, and that’s because of intention.

So what are my intentions for September you ask? That’s a great question.

For September, I’d like to cook from a cookbook once a week (I cook most of my meals without a recipe, which is really too bad because I have an incredible amount of beautiful vegan cookbooks), make 10 new recipes for this lil’ blog, focus on building my practice (want to be my client? OF COURSE YOU DO), and host a public dinner with the release of my e-cookbook collaboration project. My focus will continue to be diverted with various opportunities and stressors, I am certain, but with these intentions to guide me, I should be able to find a lot of clarity about how to spend my time.

So, what are your intentions? The more people you tell, the greater the chance of follow through (at least in my experience). So tell the world, how are you gonna show September who’s boss this year?