Saturday Reading #8

When I think about Super Strength Health’s Saturday Reading Lists, I am super focused on finding content (or products) made by women and queers that make me feel really, really strong feelings. This week’s list is full of things that made me happy, made me think, made me angry, made me feel like a part of a team (I support these people SO MUCH in what they are trying to do, regardless of if I know them). It makes me feel incredible to be an entrepreneur invested in health and wellness in a time when the people I’m linking to are also writing and creating. We got this, universe. We are doing it together.

1. Walking While Female and Fat- by Courtney Meaker


As a woman, I cannot leave my house without experiencing street harassment.  I mean that literally and seriously, and if you are someone that knows just what I am talking about, I am totally sorry and it is bullshit that we have to deal with this phenomenon. If you are someone that doesn’t regularly experience this, I’d love for you to close your eyes, and take a moment just to think about how that feels, how it could be threatening or degrading.  Sucks, right?

Courtney Meaker identifies as fat as well as identifying as female (and queer!), and an avid pedestrian. Not for weight loss, but for time to think, time to get creative, time to take her commute into her own hands. She says:

“Last night, I was walking across a crosswalk while fat and female. Two guys in a white SUV rolled down their window to say. “Hey, cunt. Cunt. Hey. You’re fat. Fat, fat cunt. Fat. Fat. Cunt. ” I didn’t even realize they were talking to me at first. By the time I’d made it past their car, the guy in the passenger seat had rolled down his window to continue yelling at me. Changing it slightly to make it very clear, yes they were talking to me, and yes, they wanted a reaction. I didn’t have one. I was in my time. My time to walk, to think, to decompress after a long day. I just kept walking.”

Read this article, get angry, then get vocal. There is NO REASON that street harassers should feel they have license to behave in such a downright tacky manner. Here and now, when I see someone being harassed (or get harassed myself) I am saying something. I would appreciate it if you would to.

2. Diets are a Fallacy by Kelly Knight


“Every program with any kind of weight-loss, “toning”, “fitness”, “weight reduction”, “lean out” is a diet.  Anything that restricts what you eat or how you eat it is a diet, period.  Even if that “lifestyle change” goes on your whole life, it is still a diet, because it’s not the way you naturally choose to eat. You’ve had your lifetime up until this point to determine your eating habits, healthy or no, so any drastic change?  It’s a diet.”

Well. Isn’t that succinct.

Kelly Knight deconstructs diets and ladies, gentlemen and non gender-specific homies, I like what I am seeing. I have heard many people say they are trying to “lean out” as a sort of coded way to say they are looking to lose weight. I’ve done this, even! And ya know what? I think that’s actually fine within reason, but let us not delude ourselves. A diet is a diet is a diet.  And the real issue, for me and 99.99999% of my clients, is building self-esteem– not losing weight.

(Also, in relation to this article, let us talk veganism. It’s a diet! A way of eating that restricts things! I think it falls in the grey zone, though, for those that do it for ethical reasons with no emphasis put on weight. Thoughts?)


BREAD SRSLY- Made by Sadie



VEGAN GLUTEN-FREE LOCAL (to me) SOURDOUGH. This is what my life has been missing. This is the sour-est sourdough I’ve ever had, and when it is toasted, slathered in avocado, and topped with salt, pepper, and nutritional yeast? Heaven. Pure unbridled heaven.


4. Grist for the Mill: Monica Lewinsky and Media Misogyny by Kristen Korvette



Monica Lewinsky was the first woman in my consciousness that was publicly skewered for her sexuality. As a kid her case taught me this lesson: if you do something “impure” and the public finds out, you will be vilified and shamed on a pedestal for life.

This article says: “If this isn’t a historical reminder why we need the “sex positive” in Feminism, I don’t know what is. It’s a well-worn story, but you can dislike what Lewinsky did and not want her to be callously tossed into a maelstrom of harassment and cruel mockery. No sex act deserves that level of punishment, and no man, no matter his perceived or actual sexual wrongdoing, has ever been treated like Lewinsky was. ”


5. The Food Police: Why Michael Pollan makes me want to eat Cheetos by Julie Guthman, from Gastronomica 


A friend posted this article on my facebook wall after reading the guest post I posted by the fabulous Josey Ross . It is an excellent article on the rhetorical tactics popular authors (and bloggers!) are taking in terms of selling the idea of “eating clean”. (This term always made me feel weird, and the article helps me get a sense of why). Eating healthy is simply not a puritanical act. It makes me feel good to support local farmers, but not because it makes me a better person. People that eat more processed foods are not worse than those who do not. Health is not a moral issue.

Let us discuss!