Saturday Reading #6

First: This has been an incredible week over at Super Strength Health. Having the opportunity to share my story of veganism and eating disorder recovery over at Choosing Raw has brought me an astonishing influx of thank you’s, support, and most excitingly, health coaching clients. I am humbled, I am grateful, and I am very very happy.

It seems to me that if I had to go through the experience of having an eating disorder so that I may be able to recover into the woman that I have become, it was worth it. Knowing my story has inspired others is enough to make any sorrow seem like just another part of the journey. Again, huge gratitude.

Now, with that out of the way, I can dry my tears and link you to wonderful things I have stumbled across on the world wide web this week. Every one of these is brought to you by an incredible person, female or queer identified, striving to bring ya’ll delicious, nutritious, creative, balanced, and metaphysical health. Please take a moment to click on the links below and prepare to learn, grow, and smile ear to ear.

1. Peanut Butter and Jelly Date Smoothie by the Minimalist Baker 


I tell the truth when I say that smoothies are my absolute favorite food. I usually make myself an orange creamsicle green smoothie on weekdays (its an old favorite stand-by) but on weekends I make a point of mixing it up and finding new cold creamy creations to enjoy. Before my farmer’s market stair run this week I enjoyed this peanut butter and jelly-inspired delight and my taste buds straight up SANG. i love PB&J and since going gluten free six years ago, I haven’t really found a way to enjoy the flavors of my youth. The minimalist baker totally brings it with this recipe (and by the way, every recipe of hers that I have tried, really) so check it out!

2. A Writer’s Life: Spending Time with Cynthia Schemmer in Philadelphia by Caroline Rayner



There are so many things that I consider myself to be. In addition to being a teacher and a health and wellness coach, I am an artist and a writer. The writing that I do is the precursor to all the other stuff. If I wasn’t a writer, I’m sure I wouldn’t really be anything, and I sincerely mean that. Writing gave me power even in really hard times, growing up in a house where I felt unheard and dealing with an eating disorder that made me loathe existence.

Cynthia Schemmer was in my first writing group ever, and I loved her work. She is a creative in the true sense of the word, in everything from her written work, to her music, to her fashion sense. Hearing a bit more about her daily life made me super happy and inspired to make more work of my own.

Here’s a quote about one of her musical projects:

“It’s about knowing what you deserve and what you don’t, whether that be a relationship or a living situation,” she says. “‘I can hack it or decay in a love not made for me’ is a line in the song that, for me, applies both to toxic relationships and also to toxic places. Just because you love something doesn’t mean it is right or healthy for you. ”

3. Paleo Advocates get Vegan Diets (and Saturated Fat) Wrong by Ginny Messina, the Vegan R.D.

Good fats and bad fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats


Ahhhhh, the dreaded Paleo/Vegan debate. I have to say, I think the Paleo diet can be a LOT like a healthy vegan diet, and that some of the quibbling that comes with discussing the two is just annoying. I am vegan, I’m not into meat, but I’m also not into judging people for their choices, ESPECIALLY when people are making a huge effort to choose less processed and less cruel foods. But I digress.

This article is interesting because it engages a popular article written by Kris Gunnars of Authority Nutrition. Ginny Messina is ACTUALLY a registered dietician, not a self taught authority, and she breaks down some of the claims made in terms of science, not opinion. I am a fan of science!

She is careful to point out some of Gunnars’ overstatements, AS WELL AS some of the overstatements commonly used in vegan rhetoric. She is obviously biased (she’s vegan for ethical reasons, just like me, which inherently creates a bias) but she does not let that bias get in the way of the facts. I’m into it.

4. JAHA Vocal Sound Healing with Jenstar



In the past five years of my life a ton has changed. When I am unwell in some way, I do not search for doctor’s appointments or antibiotics first (although I will go to those if necessary.) I instead drink more water, sleep more, try to breathe more deeply, get acupuncture, meditate, take chinese herbs, get a massage, get a tarot reading, have a talk therapy session, use a flower essence, or do yoga. The combination of some or all of these in tough mental or physical times just WORKS. In my early 20’s I wouldn’t have believed that.

My friend Jenstar was one of the very first people to turn me onto many of the aforementioned ideas. She is a health and wellness warrior, a wonderful healer, and super attuned to helping people move through emotional blockages in order to obtain a more awesome life. She has released a guided meditation album (JAHA meditate) and started her own sound healing business. What’s sound healing you say? Well. Here is her explanation:

“Modern science agrees with ancient mystics: everything is in a state of vibration. That which moves, or vibrates, can often be interpreted as sound. Our whole being is constantly vibrating, and thus WE are MADE of sound, and when we fall out of tune, we are out of alignment, out of balance. The orchestra of our whole being is not playing in key, a metaphor for sickness, illness, disease. What if we can use sound to vibrate you back into alignment? The vibrational tools a sound healer might use may include the voice (vocal toning, chanting, singing), your THOUGHTS (affirmations/mantra), music, instruments (tuning forks, percussive instruments, tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls) and more.

Jonathan Goldman, sound healing pioneer, shares a simple formula: sound + intention = healing. It is as simple as that! I aim to share the healing vibrations of my voice and also teach vibrational tools so folks can be empowered to heal themselves! I do this with guided meditations, intention/goal setting, positive thinking and affirmation/mantra, energy work, creative visualization and of course SOUND.”

Jenstar works locally in Denver, Colorado and also via Skype.

5. Nerdy Love Song by DeAnne Smith


Nerdy sexual inneundos and a kitten. Need I say more?

Happy weekend!