Saturday Reading #4

Ahhhhh, the weekend.

This week was my first back to teaching after my spring break and OH DAMN is teaching a shot to the ass. My students have boundless energy and present me with endless ideas and challenges. It’s either thrilling or terrifying depending on how you choose to look at it. (I think I’ll go with thrilling) and let’s just say I am a litttttle tired. I have six more weeks in the school year left and then an entire summer to focus on Super Strength Health, but until then I’m going double duty as a teacher and a health coach. It is exhausting and fulfilling and keeps me on my toes.

What I’m trying to say here is, I am incredibly happy to have a bit of time and space to just peruse the Internet at my leisure and share what I find with you. This week we have an incredible soup recipe, a playlist, information about a beautiful new show opening in NYC, a comic, and last but not least, a wallop of an article that is beautifully written and full of unadulterated raw tough love.

The project of linking you, dear readers, to amazing women and queers of the web has been incredibly joyful for me, something that has opened my eyes to all sorts of wonderful things. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity, and happy reading!

1) Corn and cauliflower soup with avocados and tomatoes from Emily at This Rawsome Vegan Life.

This week Emily of This Rawsome Vegan Life has been on a liquid cleanse with her partner, and she is doing us a solid by detailing her feasts in excellent detail. I am extremely weary of liquid cleanses (it seems to me that “detoxing” is often just code for “lose weight very quickly”) but this one seems good to me in terms of sustenance and calorie intake. (Emily is drinking juices, nut milks, green smoothies and pureed soups in an effort to give her digestion a break, which I can understand as a person who has suffered from gut problems. It appears that she is getting adequate calories while doing this, while some cleanses I see seem like not enough. I’m just a person on the internet with no idea about anyone’s DNA or activity level, so who am I too judge, but I dunno….my something’s-not-quite-right senses tingle a lot of the time when I see liquid cleanses) ANYWAY, off my soap box and back to the soup.

This post contains many recipes, but the corn and cauliflower soup with avocados and tomatoes really blew my mind. I made it to share with my partner, who has had an intense dental time this month and basically going on a non-voluntary liquid cleanse of his own. The recipe is extremely simple, and contains no oil or salt and literally bursts with flavor. I enjoyed mine with some grilled tempeh and olives for garnish it was filling, satisfying and delicious. I highly recommend you make it.

2) Cover Me playlist from Rookie Magazine


Each Friday Night Rookie Magazine releases a playlist for it’s readers and I LOVE THEM. This one is from a few months back and is exclusively new covers of old songs.

Rookie says: “The best cover songs tell you something you didn’t know. They surprise you, and make you see the original song in a new way. In some cases, like Fiona’s version of “Across the Universe,” they make it impossible to listen to the original ever again.” That’s quite a statement, eh? Give the playlist a listen and you be the judge.

3) Split and Growing- an art show opening at Bureau of General Services- Queer Division at 83A Hester St., New york, New York.


I have known Ketch for quite some time (6 years? 7 years?) and it has been amazing to watch him grow as an artist as we age. His latest show (Which opens TOMORROW, my dudes, and hangs until May 25th!) is a departure from his previous work that I have seen, in the way that it is significantly more personal and vulnerable.

Here is the gallery’s description: “Split + Growing is a new, highly personal exhibit of work from transfeminist painter and illustrator Ketch Wehr. Primarily illustrative gouache paintings, Wehr’s show explores his personal understanding of his gender and queerness from an early age through the lens of synesthesia. Synesthesia is a condition which, in his case, lends colors and flavors to all letters and words. Split + Growing is the visual display of an evolving queer selfhood through the colors Wehr knew to be part of his identity before he had the words to describe it.”

The first time I read the description I teared up. As my friends and I hang out in our thirties we are starting to positively KILL IT with our creativity, our output and our inspiring vulnerability. If you are in New York please go to the opening and enjoy it a little extra for me.

4) Fat is Not a Feeling by Corinne Mucha

fat is not a feeling

In the past I often found myself attributing exhaustion, anger, sadness, discomfort, and even intense excitement to feeling “fat”. This adorable comic calls out the incredibly obvious fact that fat is not a feeling, and furthermore, it asks you to give your mental real estate up to more important things.

Corinne writes: “fat”  is a sensation of monitoring how much space you take up, and then judging it. We equate judgment with virtue. As long as we are monitoring our bodies we are being “good”.

HOLY SHIT, DID THAT LITTLE CARTOON JUST DROP A BRAIN BOMB. It is not as if hating our bodies makes us better, stronger, faster, wiser, kinder, or more effective in the world. Hating our body mires us in fear, keeps us trapped, ties us to a beauty ideal that we did not choose and isn’t in our best interest.

And with that I bring you……

5) Empty Bellies Do Not Beget Genius by Gala Darling


Gala Darling a fashion blogger who talks candidly about her eating disorder recovery, feminism and radical self love. What the whaaaaat? Fashion blogger AND radical!? I love this combination. This article is hard-hitting in it’s frankness, made me smile and laugh and cry a little and cheer.

A quote: “A hungry girl is an ineffectual girl. A hungry girl is a girl sapped of energy, strength, life-force. A hungry girl can’t achieve anything, fix anything, come up with a bold, brave solution. Choosing to go hungry is a way of subjugating your own strength, your own power. It is a way of making yourself small & useless. It is asking someone else to take care of you. It is about giving up, giving in.”

WOW. That encapsulates so much of my mission as a health coach in one paragraph. It is also said extremely eloquently, and Gala looked absolutely incredible as she typed it, I’m sure. Read this woman’s work! Watch her Ted Talk! Buy her programs on blogging, business and radical self love! I am so freaking inspired right now that I cant! Stop! Using! Exclamation points!

Sorry, enthusiasm overload. These link lists really do it for me, you guys. I just can’t help myself. See you next week!