Saturday Links #11

MY DUDES. I am writing to you from the other side. That’s right! I am no longer a high school teacher. I am now simply a health and wellness coach, which is the best thing in the world to be, if you want my opinion. I wrote a new tagline for my business today, wanna hear it? Sure you do.

“Super Strength Health is dedicated to viewing health and wellness through a feminist lens. We work to connect clients to their innate bodily wisdom in an effort to promote physical, mental, and emotional health.”

Do you like it? It’s kind of all I ever wanted to exist in the world! It feels amazing to be making it happen.

After I finished entering my final grades I sunk into an exciting nest of time in bed, meal photography, reading for pleasure, and of course, Internet browsing. It occurred to me that when I came up with the idea of sharing a short women-and-queers links round up each week, I had thought it might be a bit challenging to find things that related to what I do over here at Super Strength Health. As I surfed the Net, nested in a mountain of pillows, I happily realized that there will literally never be a shortage. This week’s links are about fat shaming and pushing back on the powers that be, Following your dreams to bring health conscious living to the masses, teens that are openly living their lives without gender identification, figuring out just what to do with your life, and women inspiring women to make visual art. Sounds like political, emotional, financial, spiritual, and communal health to me!

That is such a great example of what I aim to do with Super Strength Health. It’s not all about green vegetables and exercise plans over here (even though, yes, I will encourage both.) What it’s about is all the other stuff. The daily instances and pressures that deeply affect our food choices. I have never been so certain that the things we eat are our secondary foods. The things that nourish– our families, our friends, our communities, our partners, our lifestyles, our self-esteem, our sense of belonging– that’s the stuff that is primary. I am all about synthesizing the two- working on the primary AND the secondary food- to help people live the best lives possible. It’s good work to be doing, and for those involved, thank you for allowing me the honor.

Onto the links!

1. Dear Instagram by Meghan Tonjes

Turns out Instagram took down a picture of the bathing-suit-covered butt of Meghan Tonjes, and the suspicion is that it was because she was a fat woman, shamelessly parading her behind. I’m sorry, but really?! HOW many scantily clad photos are there on Instagram?! And HOW many women don’t hear a peep from the app in response?! Meghan’s words in this video are great! She truly challenges not only Instagram, but fat shamers in general. Thankfully, as soon as this video was posted, Instagram reversed their decision, and the booty pic lives on. It’s an excellent reminder to make some noise when you have been wronged.

2. Living The Dream by Lacy Young



My friend Lacy Young is a health coach. She sold all of her worldly possessions, bought an RV, and is traveling the country on tour to spread health and wellnesses messages all over the US. She is calling her new life “Kale on Wheels” and I am so pumped for her. This is a post all about her new chariot, and at the end there is a link to her GoFundMe campaign. I donated, and you should too.

Helping Lacys to live their dreams is the best.

3. Agender: Portraits of Young People that Identify as Neither Male or Female- Photos by Chloe Aftel, article by Jenna Garrett



This article is on Chloe Aftel’s incredibly beautiful photographic series about young people living outside of the gender binary system. I have sweet and tender spots in my heart for both teenagers and members of the queer community- indeed they are some of the most wildly beautiful, brave, and strong hearted people on the planet. These photos make me cry and they make me proud. They make me have hope and they make me fearful and protective. Please go look and read.

4. What Are You Doing?  by Ashley Neese



Ashley Neese makes me feel calm when shit hits the fan. This article is called What Are You Doing?  and when I read the title I actually got a little scared, because really, what am I doing? I quit my stable job to work for myself! I have no safety net! What if I fail!?  As I read on, Ashley wrote one of the most simple and perfect sentences that I think I have ever read. She says (and I am paraphrasing here, please read her words to find the poetry!) that one should do what they have always done. Do people come to me for advice about health, nutrition, and exercise? All the time. Am I constantly excited to read new things about nutrition? Absolutely. Do I naturally have the desire to synthesize strengthening the body and upping self-esteem? Well, yeah, I do. I guess I’ve already been a health coach for some time now. Hmm. Imagine that!

5. Margaret Kilgallen for Art 21  

I love hearing about how women inspire other women, and Margaret Kilgallen is one of my favorites.

Happy weekend to you!