Reset and Restore.


Happy Autumn Equinox, friends! Yesterday was officially the last day of the most beautiful summer of my life, and I am so incredibly excited to move into the cozy space of autumn. Pumpkin and crunchy leaves and soup and tea and quiet time to reflect and prepare for the new year! SIGN ME UP. I absolutely love autumn.

As the season changes, I find myself changing a bit too. I naturally shift what I am eating (smoothies and salads seem less appealing, warming stews and roasted veggies are calling my name.) I feel a bit more introspective. Holiday time has been very sad and stressful for me in the past, and I have learned that I need to give myself a bit of physical and emotional reinforcement beforehand. Last month I woke up bright and early one morning with a realization: this year I want to do that with you.

In honor of the shifting of the seasons, I wanted to offer a cleanse-like program, but I was totally turned off by the idea of attaching my name to the word “cleanse” or “detox”, because let’s be honest- 9 times out of 10 that’s just a thinly veiled diet, or a short term unsustainable restriction of calories. That’s not what I do at Super Strength Health! Instead, I  am super excited to invite you to join me in something slightly different: a two week long Reset and Restore.

What is a Reset and Restore? It is an opportunity to slow down, to honor your body’s natural rhythms with awesome food and nourishing drink, and to prepare yourself to go into the holiday season grounded and open to the joy of it, as opposed to the stress. Together, we will celebrate our health in a variety of ways. The Super Strength Health Reset and Restore will include:

1) Intention setting. we will each set an intention to be shared and explored in our group.

2) Eating together. I will happily provide a sample meal plan and recipes for us to enjoy together. There is no pressure to eat my exact recipes, but you will be invited to focus your meals on vegetables, fruit, whole grains if those work for you, nuts and seeds, fermented soy products, and beans. My offered meal plan will be relatively simple, entirely plant based, gluten-free, and sugar free. During our reset and restore we will be consuming foods that are gentle on our guts and nourishing for our bodies. ($150 value)

3) The opportunity to connect on a discussion board daily, to support each other organically and with the occasional writing prompt. ($100 value)

4) A free copy of my (and Melissa’s) upcoming e-cookbook, The Super Tasty Anti-Inflammatory Kitchen. This book has 30 brand new, unpublished recipes that are delicious, nourishing, and of course, anti-inflammatory. These recipes will be different than the recipes in the meal plan. (19.99 value)

5) Daily recipe suggestions, culled from tried and true classics. ($50 value)

5) And an optional 40 minute private coaching call with me- just in case there is anything you’d like to hash out one-on-one. (75$ value)

The whole restoration package will cost $49 for the first five items named, and $99 if you would like to add in the private session with me. It will take place between Sunday, November 2 and Sunday, November 16th.

Gathering forces to focus on health in community is a transformative experience for both you as a participant, and for me, as the facilitator.  You can sign up by clicking here.

Space will be limited, so if you’re thinking about it, I say go for it soon.

Here’s to a solid, grounded, healthy start to a holiday season! Happy Autumn!

*Photo taken by Melissa LacitignolaKale and quinoa minestrone will be featured in our book!