Working my legs/working my mind

publishworksimagesGosfield006275-1Good afternoon!

I feel good today! The barbell WOD got a new set of exercises this morning (the movements switch every 3-5 weeks) and I am really feelin’ the reintroduction of my good old friend, the stiff legged deadlift. My quads are burnin’ as I sit and type, and what can I say, I LIKE IT.

What else? My friend Raechel over at Rebel Grrl Living introduced a new series on her blog called Mindfulness Monday today. I loved the concept of this, not because I don’t try to be mindful every day, but because a lot of the time I just plain forget to pay attention to the world around me. I forget that waking up at 6:30AM to slay my workout with amazing coaches is a super rad privilege. I forget that my ninety minutes behind the barbell has done incredible things for my body and my mind. I don’t always stop to take deep clarifying breaths as I develop recipes, as I photograph images for the blog, as I connect with all the awesome people that the WWW has brought into my life. Taking Raechel’s cue to just fucking NOTICE what is going on around me is making the normal every day things that I do significantly more enjoyable today. Thanks Raechel!

Of course, it is nice to be mindful and notice the wonder of the world around me, but I think it is useful to be mindful about the less-savory experiences that we deal with on a day to day basis too. Speaking of such things, here is an (edited to protect myself from any legal weirdness that could possibly enter my life from disclosing the company/people involved) email that awaited me when I returned to my computer post-workout:

Hi Lacy,

Spring has sprung! And it’s time to begin sporting sleeveless tops, shorts and skirts. Fitness expert and creator of the _ _ _ _ workout, _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, would like to share effective arm and leg exercises that will tighten and tone in preparation for wearing our right to bare arms and legs spring attire. I’ve provided _ _ _ _’s tips and bio below. 


_ _ _ _ _ 

Can we take a minute with this email? It’s benign enough, theoretically (if not incredibly bland and predictable in it’s tone). Generally, when I receive emails of this nature I just delete them, because wait, you’re asking me to advertise for your big company on my little blog for FREE? PSHAW. Because I was in the spirit of mindfulness though, I read the email slowly and really tried to take in the message that I was being delivered (and that I was being asked to deliver my readers.) One part of one sentence really struck me, and that was this: “…. would like to share effective arm and leg exercises that will tighten and tone in preparation for wearing our right to bear arms and legs.”


You’re asking me to support the concept that I need to change something for THE RIGHT to show my arms? And to tell my readers that they, too, have work to do before they can exist in public without shame?


I want to be honest, an absolutely wonderful perk of blogging is the free stuff you get. (Free food, free workout ideas, free swag) but never, and I mean never, will I sell the idea that my (or your!) arms don’t deserve to feel springtime air without augmentation. While my normal reaction to such an idea would be a swift eye roll, today I thought the more mindful thing to do would be to say this:

It’s getting warmer

Your arms and legs are perfect the way they are

No one can take away your right to live in your body.

Any idea that says otherwise is just patriarchy-

And no one likes they patriarchy, now do they?

Have a good Monday!