July’s list of big fat YES’s: what I read, what I loved.

July's list of big fat YES's- Super Strength Health favorites

Holy crap, is there a lot of shit to love in my world right now. I am 15 days from grabbing my dude’s hand and putting a fucking ring on it, packing up boxes to move to Portland, booking tents and air B n’ B’s on Kauai because HONEYMOOOOOON, and generally leading an all around stoked life. I have been reading with some serious velocity lately, and I wanted to share the things I’ve been loving with you guys, because as far as I can tell, my readers are totally 100% my people. We like all the right stuff!

First, the real-life paper books:

Super Strength Health's Super July Reads1. Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham

2. How to Grow Up by Michelle Tea

3. Thru-Hiking Will Break Your Heart by Carrot Quinn

On the Internet, broken into categories for your enjoyment:

Rookie Magazine AKA the most relatable thing I read that also happens to be geared toward people half my age:

4. A Thousand Words: In Defense of Taking Pictures of Yourself by Minna

5. How to Get Out of Your Head by Dylan

6. On the Right Track –  I can motivate myself to keep going by Isabel

7. How to Deal with Waiting by Stephanie

Body Politics and Body Image:

8. Be a Great Ally to Fat Folks by Getting Neutral about Food by Bevin Branlandingham

9. My Wedding was Perfect- and I was Fat as Hell the Whole Time by Lindy West

10. “I MUST Lose Weight to Feel Better about Myself” by Isabel Foxen Duke

11. Eating Disorder Recovery Advocacy Is Usually Fatphobic – Here Are 4 Ways to Start Fixing That by Melissa Fabello

12. Body Commentary and Thin Praising by Gabby

Food, Exercise, and Mindfulness

13. Don’t leave your Macronutrients Behind by Gena Hamshaw

14. Mindfulness Monday: Five Breaths by Raechel

15. I Know it Sucks, Do it Anyway by Kelly Knight

16. Rethinking Exercise as a Source of Immediate Rewards By Jane E. Brody


17. A Vegan Diet for Speed and Endurance by Anna


18. What Do I Have to Say to a Cop? by Samantha Irby

And just for fun….

19. 14 Reactions Any Woman Who Lifts Weights Will Immediately Recognize by Sally Tamarkin

What have you been reading lately?