Join me.

I stand with other women- Super Strength Health

Last week someone brought to my attention the fact that an acquaintance in my social circle had just began attending a health and wellness coach training program. This person is female (like me!), in the bay area (like me!), punk (like me!), vegan (like me!), and had a strong interest in body image issues (like me!).

That is fucking awesome I thought. Someone new to talk self-employment with. 

Of course, the person relaying the information asked if I was concerned or somehow angered by this acquaintance’s new venture and I just smiled and shook my head.

I want more body image health and wellness coaches.

Not only that, I want more queer personal trainers. More eating disorder survivors helping others to heal.

I want more radical women in spandex, teaching people how to properly handle a barbell.

I want there to be so many vegan health and wellness coaches that any one ever, with any single question about how to make veganism work, has an immediate and relatable resource.

I want as many people as possible doing positive self-esteem advocacy work, because FUCK DUDES, we need it. There are so many messages telling us all constantly that we are not good enough, that our bodies and minds are simply something to fix.

I, myself, have worked with a health and wellness coach. I currently work with a personal trainer. I have my own wellness practice, sure, but I very much enjoy both supporting other women and also love the new perspective these women give me. I don’t want to be the only health and wellness coach or personal trainer because I want the people who aren’t into my approach (or my cussing, or even my personality) to get the leaders that they need. Period. There is no shortage of people looking to feel more awesome. I want there to be someone for everyone.

I am not only NOT upset that this person in my community is going to be doing some similar work to mine, I am excited. I am excited to watch her business grow and for her clients to transform and for her to be working a job that every single day feels like a gift. I am excited to promote her and support her however I can. I am excited to be her peer, because put simply, there is enough success for everyone.

Witnessing success is not a threat to our own success.

Wishing someone success is not wishing our own failure.

Addendum: If you are thinking of being a body positive focused health and wellness coach or trainer, DO IT. Let’s build an army. I will support you. I will tell you the things I learned starting my business. I will promote you and send you clients.

I will never consider you my competition, especially when circumstances tell us we should compete.

I’m with you.

We got this.