In my headphones

In my headphonesMy rest day is typically Sunday, and boy did I take that to heart this week.

I am a bit obsessed with my pedometer (I walk so much! Who the fuck knew?!) and when I checked my steps for Sunday I saw that I had walked a wopping .1 miles for the ENTIRE DAY. Wow. One kind of has to try to walk so little, right? Especially in a two story house?

All day I had been kind of bored, with no real energy for anything. My entire house had come down with a seriously terrible sounding cold and at the first sign of lethargy I put myself on mandatory bedrest. I didn’t like it, per se, but today I am definitely feeling the benefits of such rest. My body has thanked me by not descending into sickness, and I am repaying it by telling you guys that every once in awhile, it’s okay to be lazy. Give yourself permission!

While in bed on Sunday, I realized that my favorite way to exercise my mind lately is to listen to Podcasts. I listened to them in bed while I rested, I listen to them on bike commutes, I listen to them while I run, I listen to them as I fall asleep. There are a lot of wonderful things to learn, think about and laugh at and although I don’t have the energy to read nearly as much as I’d like to, I almost always have the energy to listen.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Muscles by Brussels: This is probably my favorite podcast out right now, because it is completely attuned to my interests (Vegan fitness, featuring one bad-ass vegan woman, HEEEEYYYY!). The hosts, Dani and Giacomo run Vegan Proteins and also started the PlantBuilt team, and thus, they are two of me heros. Their podcast is relatively new, but already they have covered what’s possible in the realm of muscle building, clean eating vs. flexible dieting, making your goals stick, how to avoid doubting your progress, fat loss tips for vegans, body buidling, powerlifting and so much more! I highly respect Dani and Giacomo’s opinions, experience and education, so I’ve found this to be an excellent resource for my personal fitness journey.

Invisibilia: I know it might seem hard to believe, but I do think about things aside from health and wellness. Invisibilia is podcast entirely focused on things that are super present in our day-to-day lives, but that remain invisible; things like fear, technology, thoughts, etc. I love being asked to think about how non-tangible things deeply affect my life.

Approaching the Natural: Sid Garza Hillman talks about his super-simple philosophies of health and happiness, and is also weird and funny, which is one of my favorite combinations. Common themes include: taking tiny steps toward larger goals so that achievement is sustainable and enjoyable, getting outside for your exercise, getting connected to your fitness in a way that feels energizing instead of depleting, and finding ways to live as healthfully and happily as possible in any situation.

The Rich Roll Podcast: This podcast has become a household name at this point, I’m sure, but just for good measure: Rich Roll is an excellent conversationalist. He talks with some of the most interesting and innovative people around (Casey Neistat, Robin Arzon, and John Joseph being three of my favorites), and no matter the person or subject matter, I almost always consider it a worthy listen.

Slumber Party with Alie and Georgia: Alie and Georgia get together, sometimes with a guest, and sometimes without and have a sleepover. Secrets are revealed, feces is discussed, peanut butter is consumed, and major laughs are had. This is perhaps the most hilarious podcast I have heard in quite some time, and I really, really need a bit of levity now and again. Thank you Alie and Georgia!

FreakonomicsThis is one of those podcasts that helps me to think about subjects I don’t often give a second thought to, and look at things just a little bit differently. From healthcare, to crime, to online dating, freakonomics takes cold hard facts and draws very convincing conclusions about things there seem to be no conclusion to. Highly recommended!

This American Life  / Serial: Two of the most popular podcasts of all time, so I won’t go into too much detail here. In a nutshell, both of these are about stories. This American Life is one subject per episode, while Serial is one subject per season. Both make me laugh and seriously, seriously cry. It is both beautiful and terrible to be a human, and hearing people’s stories really shows me the depth of both of those sides of the coin.

and with that……….

It’s shameless self promotion time!

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What are you listening to lately?