How I worked Wednesday

How I worked Wednesday- fitness with Lacy Davis from Super Strength Health

As quoted from my Instagram: Squats, jerks, snatches, deadlifts, rowing, ABS. TGIF! Ready for a much needed chill weekend with no lifting, no burpees, and much coffee. Loving my rest days as much as the ones I work has been a long journey but i am BOUT IT.

Good morning!

I haven’t done a “how I worked Wednesday” post in quite some time, and as my training has shifted and progressed in a number of ways in the past few months I thought it was high time to show you how I’ve been breakin’ a sweat. I consider my training to be one of the best parts of my day almost every time I do it, and though I know only a few will get anything out of seeing how many reps I do of what lift, the ones who like it will be greatly intrigued.

Basically, I do this for the fitness dorks AKA the people like myself. You’re welcome, guys!

A note: recently it has come to my attention that some people are annoyed by healthy living bloggers, because what they put out into the world seems full of judgement. I know there are the #eatclean, #noexcuses, #teamnodaysoff type of fitness social media personalities, but I want to say here and now that I am not one of them. Everything I share is to let other people in to my process, should they be interested. I do not wish to glorify crossfit, olympic lifting, interval training, or running. I have no idea if what works for me works for you. If your preferred method of exercise is pilates and walking, I think that is fucking excellent. You can be annoyed that I try to make my meals look pretty and pick the perfect tea towel before I photograph, but please don’t be annoyed with the perception that I am saying you should do what I do. I’m not! I trust your judgement on your fitness and your life as much as I trust my judgement for my fitness and mine.

And with that, onto the lifts!

Monday: 5 sets of 1 high hang snatch. I worked up to 65 lbs.

4 sets of 3 front squats. I worked up to 115 pounds.

3 sets of eight stiff legged deadlifts. I worked up to 120 pounds.


3 sets of

10 plate crunches

10 russian twists (10 each side)

1 minute plank

Met con:

300 single jump ropes, 20 Back Squats at 105 lbs., 20 V-ups, 20 assisted Ring Dips, 200 m Sandbag Run


5 mile fasted cardio run


5 Sets of 2 halt squat cleans. I worked up to 100 pounds.

4 sets of 8 back squats. I worked up to 120 lbs.

5 sets of 2 dumbbell push jerks. I worked up to 30 lb. dumbbells in each hand.

2 sets of 30 second isometric hold back extensions

Met con:

8 rounds for time of: 5 Burpees, 4 Box Jumps, 3 pike ups. My time was 7:23.


Rest day.


3 sets of 2 Snatch from blocks. I worked up to 65 lbs.

4 sets of 2 front squats + 1 dumbbell push jerk. I worked up to 120 lb. squat and 30 lb. dumbbells in each hand.

4 sets of 5 deficit deadlifts. I worked up to 120 lbs.


3 sets of

10 alternating arm V-ups (10 each side)

10 reverse crunches

10 side plank windmills (10 each side)

Met con:

3 rounds, 1 min per station, of: Kettlebell Swings, Goblet Squats,  Russian Twists


30 minutes fasted HIIT stair run intervals



How have you been workin’ it lately?