Guest posting over at Choosing Raw



Lacy Davis at Super Strength Health for Choosing Raw

It has been a little quiet this week over at Super Strength Health, but rest assured, I have been writing my butt off. Today I had the (awesome, incredible) honor of posting the story of my descent into eating disorder behaviors, and my slow climb outta that garbage and into my current amazingly healthy life, on Choosing Raw.  

Before you read, I should warn readers, that some parts of this story are a little dark, much darker than I have usually written here. If you are triggered by talk of struggle, please skip it! I didn’t use details that are TOO too gritty, but well, it was a sad time, and I told the truth. I want to be sensitive that that could bother some people.

If you’re still on board, feel free to click here to read the full tale.

Thank you for your continued support! Every comment, email, and person that signs up to have a free health history or coaching session fills me with joy.

I’ll see you Saturday for your weekly round up of links!