Weekend Reading: Food and Feminism edition

Good morning!

I haven’t done a weekend reading post in quite some time, mostly because I found that I was beginning to stress about what I would share each week, which effectively took the joy out of writing at all. WHOOPS.

Because I spend a lot of time both striving to crush it at life and also trying to let myself be imperfect, I have simply been blogging less. I don’t love it, but I do love allowing myself the grace of being a very busy human being until the inspiration hits.

This week I read a TON of wonderful, bad-ass, brave shit written by women and queer folks and I knew I was going to be getting back on the share grind as soon as I could. (An aside- I have this fear sometimes that if I stop doing something and I lose momentum with it I! WILL! NEVER! DO! IT! AGAIN!. This attitude kept me from taking rest days from exercise for years (WHAT IF I TAKE A DAY OFF AND NEVER MOVE MY BODY AGAIN FOR ONE DAY IN MY ENTIRE LIFE?!!??!) and turned me into a bit of a catastrophizer. I am taking this moment to announce that I used to post a weekend reading list each week, I stopped ’cause it got overwhelming, then I got inspired again this week and picked it back up again. GOT THAT BRAIN? GOOD.)

ANYWAY. Onto the links!

Dietary Guidelines for a New America by Bug at Nourishing Journey 

Weekend Reading- Food and Feminism editionOnce every five years the USDA updates the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and this year we are seeing LESS influence from major food corporations and MORE friendly suggestions that fit within the frame of a vegan diet. The proposed guidelines rely much less heavily on meat and expressly state that a vegetarian diet is beneficial. That’s huge!

Despite these advances, there is both room for worry and room for improvement. Once the proposed guidelines are announced, the public (including big business with lots of money and lots to lose) has time to put in their input. This article tells you how you can express YOUR opinion about the guidelines, and I sincerely hope that no matter what your diet, you take the chance to use this opportunity. Remember, these guidelines directly impact all federal programs, including school lunches and WIC. Even if they don’t directly make a difference in how you eat, they are extremely important culturally.

Bad At Running: A Quiet Paradise by Sara Seinberg

Weekend Reading- Food and Feminism edition 1This was an absolutely wonderful rumination on the benefits of taking the goals out of running. For Sara, her aim with running is simply to run, she’s done it for years all over the world, she hasn’t gotten any faster, nor does she intend to. I LOVE THIS, both because it’s wonderfully zen but also because I love when people take the wind out of the sails of both the patriarchy and the weight loss industry.

But I Don’t Want to Look Like You by Gabby at Gabby’s Gluten FreeWeekend Reading- Food and Feminism edition 2

First of all, look at this woman. Completely adorable while being 100% bad ass. I would LOVE to look like Gabby.

Second of all, this article really hits a nail on the head for me. When I first started lifting weights, I got bigger. Like, a lot bigger. Pre-weights I was doing as much cardio as humanly possible, restricting my food, and sometimes throwing up. It was NATURAL and REASONABLE that I got bigger because my shift in exercise inspired a huge confidence and empowerment boost that allowed me a little fucking breathing room. Enough in fact, that I LET my body gain weight.

I got bigger on purpose.

Today,  I love my body, and although I have definitely lost some of the initial weight I gained when I started lifting weights, it is still noticeably larger than when I was a cardio queen with an eating disorder. I have defined muscles and big ass quads and I fought for this strong beautiful body, and I aint bummed about it. When I hear women say “I don’t want to get bulky!” I used to feel a little offended, but now I step aside from what others want, and take a peak into what I want for myself and my frame.

It turns out, I want exactly what I have. And from this article, I can see Gabby does too.

I fucking love that.

Project BQ: Training the Muscle Between my Ears by Caitlin at Fit and Feminist

Weekend Reading- Food and Feminism edition 3

I love the contrast I have going on here. The Seinberg article exalts goallessness in running, while this article by my friend Caitlin, gets into the nitty gritty of learning that the key to success in endurance events is getting psychological. I have SO MUCH respect for the two very different approaches to running, although my personal approach is kind of neither of the ones discussed.

Isn’t it awesome how varied opinions can all be valuable and valid?

Yeah, I thought so too.

In this article Caitlin talks about mental toughness, re-writing her story about herself, staying in the moment, embracing the power of positive self-talk, keeping perspective and welcoming discomfort. I have totally used every single one of these in the first year of starting Super Strength Health, so the article resonated deeply even if not in an athletic sense.

Also, Spoiler alert : CAITLIN QUALIFIED FOR BOSTON! You go, gurl.

Easy Human Meals to Make in your Tiny Joke Kitchen by Samantha at Bitches Gotta Eat

Weekend Reading- Food and Feminism edition 4

Bitches Gotta Eat is one of my favorite blogs for pure unbridled LOLZ.

In this article, Sam discusses a few quick and easy meals for folks with tiny ass barely functional kitchens. Most of the meals aren’t vegan, although some tweaks could get them there, but I basically give zero fucks because although I am not necessarily going to make the food, I am totally going to laugh my ass off at the way she talks. If you need a little comic relief, please hop right over to this blog, sit back, and indulge.

You’re worth it.

See you next week!