the SuperTasty Anti-inflammatory e-book is here!

Thanks so much for bearing with me while I announce thing-after-thing-after-thing lately. Between my Reset and Restore program (an awesome program designed to lead you into the holiday season. Why not start with a good backbone of 2 weeks of supported healthy, unprocessed, vegan, gluten, and refined sugar free eating?!), leading the new Oakland No Meat Athlete Run Club, and the five course dinner I am co-hosting, I find that even *I* am confused about all the things I say I’ve got going on.

I’ve got a lot of ideas, what can I say?!

Here’s the most important announcement of all, though:


here’s a sneak peak:


 Zucchini Noodles with Coconut Ginger Sauce


Banana Jalapeno Smoothie


Grilled blueberry bok choy salad


Cherry Cobbler

After many weeks of working on this book, it is finally an actual thing you can buy in the world!

As you may have guessed, this book is focused on anti-inflammatory foods. It has six chapters: ginger, turmeric, chillies, berries, walnuts/almonds and greens. Each chapter includes a breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert recipe featuring the section’s ingredient. All recipes are totally unpublished, and created by me and Melissa of TastyMakes.

There’s a lot of love in this little dude, and I totally hope you buy it so you can make our recipes and tell me what you think.

You can do so here:

In the mean time: What’s your favorite way to get in anti-inflammatory foods?