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Weekly workouts: I swam a mile edition

Super Strength Health Thruster WOD

Post workout, feelin’ fly. I’ve never been a no-shirt workout person, but I am working on giving less fucks, so there you have it.- Sorry for the Myspace angle, I wanted to get my awesomely bright shoes in!


I get asked about my workouts all the time, and I find it really flattering. Certainly, I am a fit person (and I know this), but it’s wonderful to know that people, like, notice. Anyway.

I have been thinking about posting my workouts for quite some time, but have hesitated because I have a little fear. My workouts are just that-mine.  I want to talk about them because they’re super fun and exciting to me, but I am not telling you to do any single little bit of what I’ve done. I am not a personal trainer, and mostly, I just do what my body says to do. Some days that is lifting heavy, some days it’s a fair amount of cardio, and for goodness sakes, at least once (but likely twice) a week, I chill. I write and I read and I listen to podcasts and I think about things that aren’t exercise. It’s good for the soul.

Since I come from a background of exercise addiction and compulsive overexercise, I have rules for myself, and those rules feel great. I think they are reasonable rules for most people to follow. They are:

1) I don’t exercise more than an hour a day

2) I don’t exercise more than three days in a row

3) I don’t lie or skip things I have committed to to get a workout in.

4) I don’t schedule my life around exercise. I schedule exercise around my life.

These rules exclude walking and bicycle commuting, although I will say that if I know I am going to have a bike-heavy day, I am likely to take a day off of formal work. How’s that for progress!

SO. At this point in time, I don’t train for endurance events (although my rules are totally flexible and this could change), and I exclusively exercise to feel rad in my body, not because of something I ate, and not as punishment. Please read about my workouts with curiosity, but not a measuring stick. You do you! You innately know way better what is going to work for your body than me- I’m sure of it.

Monday: Formal Crossfit workout. Front squat 3 rep max ( I worked up to 120) and than a cardio burst: three rounds for time of thirty 20 lb. slamballs, twenty burpees, and ten front squats at 75 lbs. This workout took me forever (like 20 minutes, which is like six years in crossfit terms) and was HARD. I drank my post-workout Vega smoothie in one giant gulp.

Tuesday: Tuesday’s workout was really fun. My friend and client, Brian, was interested in learning a few things about lifting weights, so I accompanied him to a 24 hour fitness to show him the basics. First of all, normal gyms, WOAH. SO MANY MACHINES. I looked them over and was like “well Brian, I can’t tell you anything about these. Sorry!”  Then we settled into a rusty squat rack in the corner and went over deadlifts, cleans, jerks, snatches, thrusters, and squats. God, why does every lift have to sound so dirty?

I did all this with just the bar as weight, but we lifted them a fair amount of times as practice. Does this count as that whole “lift light for many reps” thing? I’ve never done that before.

After lifting we did a quick cardio burst, one that he made up and was terrible (I seemed to have blocked it out, but I know it was like 10 minutes.) and one that I made up. Mine was a 21-15-9 rep scheme of 30 lb. dumbbell snatches, burpees and sit ups.

Wednesday: Rest day! I did end up walking around a lake near my house (about three miles) while listening to a podcast I like, though.

Thursday: Five mile run around said lake and my neighborhood.

Friday: More rest! Both Wednesday and Friday were really work heavy, and I was super stoked to just give myself space to not try to fit exercise in. I know many people struggle with exercising MORE, and I totally support finding moments for sweat when you can never seem to get it together. I am the total opposite, though. Rest days are perfect for me, but they never come naturally.

Saturday: 2 mile run to the farmers market with stair sprints in the middle. Kett and I then went on a date in San Francisco that ended up being a five or six mile jaunt around the city. It was lovely.

Sunday: 1 mile swim! This is a big deal for me. When I was a kid I almost drowned in the ocean, and have since been basically terrified of water. Last summer I had a job that gave me a residence with a pool for about a month and I decided to make it my business to learn how to swim laps. Turns out, I love swimming. My goal last year was to swim a mile, but I never quite made it. I came back to Oakland and had “swim” on my to-do list for roughly a year. On Sunday I decided I was tired of the dialogue in my head around it (I didn’t know where a public pool was, I was worried everyone would be super good and mow me down, I didn’t know proper pool etiquette) and I just went for it. I swam a mile (though it did take FOREVER, I probably broke my own time limit rule) and the stuff I didn’t know I picked up as I went. Although I havn’t swam in a year (and I barely did before that) I was better, stronger, and faster than last year. I’m going to go ahead and attribute that to weight lifting and core strength.

My goal next week is to lift more. Lots of cardio this time around!

How do you like to move?



All workouts fueled by massive amounts of vegetables, duh.

Sunday Reading: cookbook edition

Hey guys!

I have an exciting announcement.

A few weeks ago, I teamed up with the very wonderful Melissa to produce an e-cookbook based on the awesomeness of anti-inflammatory foods. After a bunch of late-night brainstorming sessions and a good long back-and-forth volley of ideas, this week we finally got to the kitchen,  working from morning ’til night to test, restest, plate, and photograph each one of our recipes. By September 15th, you will be able to hold our book in your hands. (provided you have a computer, phone, or tablet of course), and I couldn’t be more excited about the prospect.

Needless to say, it has been an incredible week, full of kitchen creativity and a healthy dose of working my ass off. I didn’t have much time to exercise (a challenge for me), and I ate our incredible food literally all day, every day to make sure it was absolutely perfect for YOU. (Hey, look at that! Another challenge.) Once again, I am left basking in gratitude for my recovery, as I know, without a fucking doubt, that if I were still stuck in the restrict-my-food-hate-my-body cycle of yesteryear, I would never EVER be able to make this thing a reality.

Ah, how satisfying.

On that note! Here are this week’s links:

1. The Best Coffee in Every State by Melissa Stanger 


Spoiler alert: when you’re self employed, “going to the office” means going to the coffee shop. Consequently, I loved this list, and now want to go on a national tour of caffeine consumption. Who’s in?!

2. 23 Female Cartoonist on Drawing their Bodies by Kristen Radtke


I am usually not all about Buzzfeed lists, but this one was so catered to my interests that it was impossible to ignore. In addition to highlighting some of my favorites (Liz Prince! Nicole Georges!) it also introduced to a whole host of awesome new cartoonists. A++++.

3. How to Spot Fake Product Reviews by Kat Whitfeild at Making Sense of Modern Fitness


I love Making Sense of Modern Fitness, because it is my go-to site for real-talk about the bullshit that goes on in the fitness industry. This article is a great little cheat sheet for figuring out what is review vs. what is advertisement, with a few links to sites that can be reliable sources of information. Kat encourages a degree of research and criticality that I think can be really helpful when making decisions about fitness!

4. How to Deal with Anxiety by Kaitlin Menza for Teen Vogue 


Wow, I sure wish teen magazines had such useful information when I was reading them! This is great advice for people of any age.

5. Gender, Embodiment, and Weight Lifting by Josey Ross


Josey Ross is my favorite. This whip-smart lady pretty much can’t go wrong in my opinion (which is why I had her guest post not once, but TWICE, for Super Strength Health). This article discusses embodiment and how/why those socialized as male tend to possess more of that than those socialized as female. She goes on to explain how….you guessed it….weight lifting (<3) helped her to become more personally embodied. Holy shit, that’s relatable.

See you Next week!