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What I ate Wednesday #2

Welcome to another Super Strength Health What I Ate Wednesday!

WIAW breakfast:Super Strength Health

I am all about the all-liquid breakfast. My day started with a cup of coffee with unsweetened almond milk, warm water with a squeeze of lemon, and then this green smoothie. The mix was a blend of banana, peach, collard greens, 1/2 a scoop of Tropical Tango Vega, almond milk, and coconut water. It was topped with a tahini drizzle and about a 1/2 teaspoon of bee pollen.

WIAW lunch:Super Strength Health

I  have gotten in the habit of dragging my partner on runs to the farmer’s market and this day was no different. We sprinted for about two miles, stopping half way to do a few stair runs. Once I recovered and stumbled into the far-mar every single thing looked AMAZING. I bought jalapeno smoked tofu, romaine lettuce, carrot, german butterball potatoes, celery, and sauerkraut to make into this amazing salad- topped with apple cider vinegar, tahini, black pepper and nutritional yeast.  I also bought a loaf of vegan and gluten free caraway bread and topped it with coconut oil and more of that yeasty stuff. Holy hell. This meal was great.

WIAW snack:Super Strength Health

Before heading off to work with a client I enjoyed some of the finer things in life: local, organic, fresh-as-hell peaches, strawberries, and dates. BOOM. Who needs refined sugar?

WIAW dinner:Super Strength Health

I have been on a big salad kick (SUMMER!!!!!!) and once I got home from work I was all about another giant bowl filled with leaves. In addition to more romaine and carrots I added freshly soaked and sprouted chickpeas, grilled green peppers, home made salsa and Beyond Meat’s Beef crumbles. SO delicious. So protein-y. So deeply satisfying.

Throughout the day I also had fruit and nut bites, green tea, and a ton of water. My meals were all mostly prepped and I would guess that I spent less than an hour TOTAL making all of them. Health doesn’t have to be time consuming, I promise!