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Archive for March 2015

An ode to strong women

Good morning!

I want to talk to you a little bit about strong women.

This has been my year of really appreciating strong women. From the female coaches at my gym, to my best friends, to the writer’s and bloggers I avidly follow, to my sister and my mom. More than any other thing in the world, I am completely inspired by every day awesome women.

On that note, I started a podcast, with an INSANELY strong woman that I want to introduce you to. My friend Holly is an entrepreneur, a business owner, a chef, a competitor in the sport of power lifting, and for goodness sakes, a fucking sweetie! Please take a moment to listen to us talk about body image, other people’s perceptions of us vs. our perception of ourselves, veganism, punk rock, and living a jeans-less existance AKA owning our squat thighs.

(Above is the embedded podcast, but you can also download here)

What strong women have inspired you lately?