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Archive for December 2014

Super Strength Health now has gift certificates!

gift certificate to super strength health

Want to know what my definition of a rad Holiday gift is? Something that has lasting impact on the recipient’s life. Thus, the Super Strength Health gift certificate was born.

This gift certificate gets your friend or family member three sessions with me, either to be used on their own, or as the beginning of a longer relationship if the client chooses. The sessions are at a discounted rate, because hey, why not?

All though this is perhaps redundant, Super Strength Health keywords include: body image, self esteem, veganism, weight lifting, plant-based athletics, going sugar and/or gluten free and IBS/other digestive disorders. Your friend does not need to need help in all keyword areas to benefit, of course, but having interest in one of these areas ensures a good fit. 

Happy Holidays!