Weekend Reading: Vegan MoFo edition

Okay. I’ve moved this reading series to a new day about a million times by now. (By “a million” I mean twice.) This move may be temporary, and it might be permanent, but SURPRISE, it’s happening.

What’s the reason for the move you ask? WELL. I am participating in VeganMoFo (Vegan Month of Food) and this means I am challenged to blog about (loosely) vegan stuff, for every weekday in the month of September. Because five days a week of blogging is a challenge for me (an enjoyable challenge that I’m loving!) I am going to give myself a break on Sunday Links posts and move them to Friday. We shall see how that pans out!

WELL. Now that that is out of the way- HI. Here are this week’s exciting links. I hope you enjoy!

Yoga and Feminism, continuing the conversation by Carol Horton, Ph. D. Super Strength Health Links 2

I included this article not because I thought it was perfect, but because I thought it was the beginning of a conversation that absolutely needs to happen. The article asks “how do yoga and feminism intersect? Why is feminism largely left out of conversations about yoga?”

I am curious about this stuff, but when I read this I found myself wondering why the article didn’t also talk about how white people have attempted to co-opt yoga in the west, and how THAT might relate to feminism, too. For me, it seems we shouldn’t really be talking about feminism without a dash of intersectionality, you know? Intersectionality is what keeps feminism’s fire alive in my heart and I think yoga is a really obvious topic for talking about race and racism too. Talking about racism should be inherently feminist work.

At least I think so. (exits soapbox)

The Orthorexia Dilemma: Is veganism an eating disorder? by Marla at the Vegan Feminist Agitator Super Strength Health Links 3


I am iiiiiinto this article. So, did you know that a bunch of vegan bloggers have become non-vegan lately and that it has kind of exploded into debate? Basically, one in particular (who doesn’t need my link for blog traffic) has equated her veganism with orthorexia, and the article I’ve linked to talks about that, what makes sense about it and what doesn’t.

I have the unique position of being vegan, stopping being vegan for a time, starting again, having had a host of eating disorders, and finding recovery WITH veganism. I feel a little conflicted about the super negative backlash from the vegan community. On one hand, I am like “every person ever needs to make sure that they are safe and treating themselves kindly”. On the other hand, if you have disordered thoughts you will have them with ANY way of eating. Adding animal products to your diet won’t get rid of an eating disorder. That shit’s in your brain and heart, my dudes and dudettes! You gotta eradicate eating disorders from the inside out.

Your Body is Not Your Masterpiece by Glennon Melton

Super Strength Health Links 1

I literally wish I wrote this article. It’s that good.

Why BMI is a Big Fat Scam by Kiera Butler

Super Strength Health Links 4

The body mass index is such a completely insufficient measurement of health, that it is almost unbelievable that it is still so widely used. This article tells you all the little reasons why BMI is bullshit, so that we can all stop using it is a quantifier for our health. YAY.

Vegan MoFo random blog genrator brought to you by VeganMoFo


Over 400 bloggers are participating in VeganMoFo. This generator is AWESOME, because it randomly takes you to participating blogs, and they are from all over the world. I spent hours surfing through the archives this week and it was super inspiring.

See you Monday!