Saturday Reading #5

Has it already been five weeks of this Saturday Reading series? I can hardly believe it.

Once again , I am incredibly honored to bring you the inspiring  blog work of women and queers of the Internet. This week’s round up includes topics of social and romantic health, nutritional health, community health, and mental health. All of these have been wonderful and inspiring reads for me this week, and I hope you’ll enjoy them too!

1. How to Cohabitate With A Loved One by Michelle Tea 


First of all, do you know the work of Michelle Tea? You should! She’s a great writer, a down-to-earth writer, a hilarious writer, a smutty writer, a damn power house of a writer. She runs the Sister Spit tour (ANOTHER THING YOU SHOULD KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT) and has written multiple books that I would call my favorites. (Her latest, The Mermaid of Chelsea Creek, is just wonderful.) ANYWAY, this article is a slight departure from her fiction and creative non-fiction. Instead, it is a how-to on the topic of the live-in partner. I live with my current partner and it truly is a special sort of wonderful that can turn into a special sort of terrible if mischief isn’t managed.

Michelle’s article is succinct, to the point, and just straight up helpful. A quote: “There is a saying, and I think it might be Buddhist in origin, which is something like: When you have a problem, you have a problem. Knowing that my darling beloved is sensitive to disorderly spaces and open drawers (an OCD-prone friend calls such things “a hair across my heart”), I do my best to try to keep them closed, with all bra straps tucked neatly inside. But when I forget – and I will, because I am human and/or an Aquarius and the little details can escape me – she doesn’t make a thing about it. She has the problem, and she does something about it. I think this is a good tactic, generally. Like, if you want something done in the house, just do it yourself. It’s faster, it’s easier, there is less disturbance. Of course, you have to be really okay with it and not all resentful.”

There you go. TRUE, right? Do your relationship (romantic or otherwise!) a favor and read the whole thing. It’s lovely.

2. Web Edition of Chickpea Magazine Summer 2013 – Design and content by Cara Livermore


I knew this all-vegan magazine existed, but had never picked it up. I somehow stumbled across this web sneak preview (I’m talking 85 pages worth of sneak preview!) this week and was totally blown away. Not only are the recipes inside very Lacy-friendly (meaning vegan, gluten free, whole foods based and not sugary) they are also photographed BEAUTIFULLY. Healthy food can be so inviting and appealing, and as I delve deeper into the work of Super Strength Health I find myself really geeking out on the lush look of fruits and vegetables. This magazine totally touches on the part of me that wants to look at pretty stuff in good lighting while sipping a green smoothie all. damn. day. Check it out!

3. What is Femme, Anyway? by Bossy Femme


First of all, let’s talk about the term bossy, just briefly. YES, as an assertive woman I am called bossy all the time. YES, I think if I were male it would be referred to as “Powerful”. YES, I think that is total bullshit. I also identify as “femme”, which you can read all about in this article.

Bossy Femme just SPEAKS to me. This article lists just some of the things that make up a femme identity. An example:

“Femme is defiance. Femme ignores the male gaze & tells patriarchy to fuck off. Femme is a refusal of the pressure to be thinner, whiter, pimple-free, wrinkle-free, smaller, quieter. Femme says that we’ll take the short skirts but you can keep the catcalls to yourself.”

YES feminine, NO perfectionism, YES dressing with flair, NO to jerks taking that as invitation to make their thoughts heard. (News flash: you are a random man on the street who likes what they see of my outfit? NO FUCKS GIVEN. You are another woman who wants to tell me I look great? WELL SHOOT. I’ll take it. SORRY NOT SORRY.)

4. Affirmationz and Gratitude List- started by Me, cause I can include my own projects, right?


I started an affirmation and gratitude group this month, and I love it. Basically, members write in with their intentions and appreciations for the day and we share it with one another via Google Groups. The act of writing these lists daily has helped me get super clear on what I’m doing with my time and energy. It has helped me grow a keen awareness of the things that happen (even on the bad days!) that have been sweet, helpful, or nice. Reading other member’s lists has helped me to feel like I am a part of someone’s community and like I have a gaggle of people I can root and cheer for. It’s amazing! Some days I am lonely, exhausted, overworked, or discontent and my daily digest will pop into my inbox and I feel refreshed. You should give this practice a shot! (and if you want to join our group, as long as you’re not a creep, get in contact!)

5. Why I’m a Feminist by Laci Green

Laci Green is simply awesome. The video speaks for itself!


Have a wonderful weekend!